Reel Librarian faves, 2016

As promised last week in my 2016 review post, here are my top five favorite posts from 2016, presented in chronological order:

Stylish female reel librarians (Jan. 2016) + Stylish male reel librarians (Feb. 2016)

This was a fun pair of posts to think about and write. People don’t often equate “librarians” with “style” — on or off screen — but there are actually a lot of stylish reel librarians out there!

Collage and screenshot of Mary's style in 'Party Girl'

Wet Hot American library (March 2016)

No actual reel librarians in this movie, but there is a funny scene set in the local public library, which has quite the collection in both astrophysics and camp directing. It was also a fun movie to watch, especially shouting out names of the many popular actors who starred in this cult classic comedy.

Reel Librarians | Screenshot of the library scene in 'Wet Hot American Summer'

‘Spotlight’-ing a news library (May 2016)

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Spotlight, the Best Picture Oscar winner last year, as well as writing about the importance of research in this movie. I also enjoyed researching the real-life Lisa Tuite, the head librarian at the Boston Globe, portrayed by Michele Proude in the film.

Reel Librarians | Print collection of news library in 'Spotlight' (2015)

Nymphomaniac librarian in ‘The Wicker Man’ (Oct. 2016)

This is a cult classic film, and upon rewatching it, I finally cleared up the confusion I had about the reel librarian in this film:  that the same actress, Ingrid Pitt, is both the town’s registrar and librarian. And where did I get the term ‘nymphomaniac librarian’? From Pitt herself!

“It was a nymphomaniac librarian I was playing, and I always liked the librarian bit, because I’m really into books.“

Reel Librarians | Collage of contrasts for librarian character in 'The Wicker Man' (1973)

The danger of a single story for reel librarians (Nov. 2016)

This post was inspired by the closing keynote address from a regional library conference I had attended the week before, referencing Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s 2009 TED Talk, “The Danger of a Single Story,” It was a rewarding exercise to go a bit deeper and more philosophical on the blog while revisiting the core goal of this site and why I continue to blog and research about librarians in film.

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Reel Librarians in review, 2016

Happy 2017! Here’s a quick look back at Reel Librarians during 2016, in which almost 30,000 visitors visited, with almost 40,000 views.

Wordpress review

Most popular posts of 2016 overall

The most popular posts last year were actually all published prior to 2016, which the WordPress stats helpers interpret as “Your writing has staying power!” 😉

Most popular posts written and published in 2016

My personal favorite posts of 2016

I always find it an interesting exercise to take a look back and identify my own personal favorite posts of the year. That’s why I will be back next week with an entire post dedicated to it! See you then!


Announcing the winner of the 5th blogiversary giveaway

Thank you all for helping celebrate the 5th anniversary of this Reel Librarians blog and website! To help mark the occasion, I announced last week a personal giveaway for a $25 Out of Print Clothing e-gift card, as a small token of thanks for my readers.

There were 16 valid entries for the giveaway, and thank you all for participating! It was quite nice to see a variety of entries, from both new and returning readers.

I used to select the random winning entry:

Random number generator and winning entry

Entry #2 belonged to Emily Scott, a longtime reader of Reel Librarians.

giveaway winning entry

Congratulations, Emily! I’ll be in touch soon via email to send the $25 Out of Print e-gift card your way!

Next week puts us into October, and that means I’ll be continuing my annual tradition of analyzing scary movies that feature librarian portrayals! Stay tuned for all the thrills and chills of reel librarians! 😉

5th blog anniversary + giveaway

Reel Librarians just turned five!!!!! (One exclamation point for every year, and many more… 😉 )

Scroll down to the bottom of this post for GIVEAWAY info, or take the scenic route and soak up some blogiversary stats.

Reel Librarians | Lego Librarian

“Summer of Nostalgia” round-up

Click the links below if you’d like to catch up on all the previous posts in my “Summer of Nostalgia” blog tour and revisiting favorites from five years of analyzing and blogging about reel librarians.

I ended up choosing 2 posts from 2011; 3 posts from 2012; 3 posts from 2013; 2 posts from 2014; and 1 post each from 2015 and 2016.

Quick stats comparison:

Looking back over the previous “blog anniversary” posts, I decided to do a little comparison to see how this blog has grown:

(1 year)

(5 years)

Total views:  19,000+  155,000+
Total views on busiest day:  219 (April 10, 2012) 2,448 (August 22, 2013)
Total comments:  165 628
Total posts:  153 posts + 21 pages  366 posts + 21 pages
Total shares: 121 3,794
Daily visits, average:  65 107
Total followers:  45  367

Previous blog anniversary posts:

Top 10 most popular posts this past year:

  1. The Killing Kind vs. The Attic — still going strong with over 10,000 total views
  2. Librarian t-shirt collection — over 1,700 views this past year and over 4,000 total views
  3. Marian or Marion? — over 1,400 views this year and almost 4,500 total views (and one of my personal favorites!)
  4. Naughty Librarians (ladies, take it away)
  5. The Jedi librarian
  6. You, Me, Dupree, and the Naughty Librarian (another one of my personal favorites!)
  7. First impressions:  Monsters University
  8. Harry Potter and Madam Pince (another one of my personal favorites!)
  9. Reel librarians with ‘A Bone to Pick’
  10. How to spot the difference between a bookstore and a library onscreen

5th blog anniversary GIVEAWAY:

To help celebrate five years of reel librarian fun and film analyses, I am also personally hosting a giveaway, to help say THANK YOU to all the readers and followers of this website and blog.

One lucky reader will win a $25 e-gift card from one of my favorite online stores, Out of Print, which offers literary-themed t-shirts, tote bags, coffee mugs, and other items.

Out of Print e-gift card

Out of Print has items with artwork from classic works, like Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice (I have the purple P&P tee), literary terms (my husband owns the “Plot” tee), as well as collections like the Library Collection (I have the library stamp tee, library card socks, and library card pouch from this collection) and the Banned Books Collection (I also have the banned books pouch).

Note:  Out of Print is not sponsoring this giveaway or this site. I’m just a personal fan! The e-gift card giveaway prize is coming out of my own pocket, as a personal thank you to readers.

This giveaway opens today and will be open through next Tuesday, Sept. 27, at 10 p.m. PST. This giveaway is also open to international readers. The winner will be chosen at random, and I will contact the winner by email soon after the giveaway closes. I will post the winner and winning entry on this blog on Wednesday morning, Sept. 28.

Mandatory entry:  

Leave a comment on this post to let me know how you follow the Reel Librarians website and blog (via email, WordPress reader, Pinterest, Bloglovin, visiting weekly, or some other way — or even if this is your first time!).

(Please note that the comment box requires an email address, but this info is not open to the general public.)

Bonus entries (3 more chances to win!):

  • Leave a separate comment on this post about one of your favorite posts on this blog. In your comment, please include the post link and a bit about why it’s one of your personal faves.
  • Share this giveaway via Twitter and/or Facebook, and leave a separate comment on this post with applicable links.
  • Browse the Out of Print website and leave a separate comment on this post with a favorite item from the site.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for entering the giveaway! Good luck, and I’ll be back next week with the winner of the 5th anniversary giveaway! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Revisiting favorites | A summer of nostalgia

Several things have come together lately, including finishing up my current job and looking forward in the fall to starting my new job in a new state (Tacoma, Washington), as well as my upcoming 5th year blog anniversary (!!!!!) for Reel Librarians, which will occur the first week of fall term at my new job. This week is also the official start of summer, and this will be — and already is! — a summer full of packing, moving, unpacking, buying a new house, selling our old house, and getting to know a new place. And who knows how long it will take to get internet access hooked up in our new home…

Therefore, I thought it the perfect opportunity to spend some time on personal reflection and revisit some of my personal favorite posts from the past five years. Also, I have written and published over 350 (!) posts on this blog, so why not shine the spotlight on a few “oldies but goodies”?

CC-licensed cinema photo from Flickr

“Cinema 1 2 3” by Steve Snodgrass is licensed under CC BY 2.0

So here’s my plan for a “Summer of Nostalgia” blog tour:

  • Embark on revisiting favorite posts from Reel Librarians for the next 12 weeks
  • I will revisit, in no particular order, 1 favorite a week on Wednesdays, starting next Wednesday, June 29, 2016; each post will include reflecting on why it’s a favorite and any new thoughts I have on the topic/film/post
  • Celebrate my 5th year blog anniversary on Sept. 21, 2016, along with a giveaway contest
  • Perfect timing for a “summer of nostalgia,” as the autumn equinox this year falls on Sept. 22!

Are y’all with me for sharing and revisiting summer favorites? Please share some of your own favorite posts in the comments!