Hello! I am Jennifer Snoek-Brown, a librarian. It must be in the genes, as my mother is also a librarian. I literally grew up in libraries, and I spent many happy hours watching films from my family’s movie collection. And for my undergraduate studies, I wrote a thesis in 2001 called “A Glimpse Through the Glasses: Portrayals of Librarians in Film” (see image at right – note my maiden name). I have continued my interest in the image of librarians in the media, especially film, ever since.

With this blog, I plan to post at least 1 entry per week, which will include analysis and commentary on films featuring reel librarians. This site is a newer (and more permanent) version of my previous “Reel Librarians” site, initially developed off a previous work site and server. I also put that site on hold while I worked overseas for three years, from 2008 – 2011. But I’m back, the site’s back  – hopefully, better than ever.

I love movies, and I love librarians — as Roger Ebert says, “beneath everything else, a fan.” Therefore, disclaimer alert: I suspect these personal biases will be detectable throughout my posts!

Have I missed a movie? Please let me know by leaving a comment.


8 comments on “About

  1. Tom Goodfellow says:


    I just discovered Reel Librarians and am thoroughly enjoying it. Thank you! I actually did my Masters thesis on the subset of American Public Libraries in film, here’s alink if you’re interested.


    Angelfire! Those were the days.


    • Thanks so much — so glad you’re enjoying the site! And I will have fun exploring your master’s thesis, and I’ll add the link to my Resources page. And Angelfire, ahh, yes, I remember those days. 🙂 Cheers!

  2. Mister Pamp says:

    Hello i am also a librarian but a french one (known as the best ones). Some people told me about your blog : i want to notice that i have me too a blog on the same subject which is called notorious bib (french word playing). You should watch on it if you search some others movies references. I should do the same thing by surfing on your blog. –> http://notoriousbib.wordpress.com/
    Have a good day,

    • Thanks so much, Mister Pamp! I will *definitely* add your blog to my Resources page, as well as to my sidebar of related resources. I have a Foreign Films list of titles, as well, on this site but English-language films are my primary focus. I’m so glad this topic of reel librarians is getting a diverse, international focus — I have an Irish counterpart, as well, Colin @ Libraries at the Movies, http://librariesatthemovies.blogspot.com/, that you might also want to check out.

      And LOL on your opening line — loving your national pride! 😀

  3. Massacre at Central High (1976). Don’t know if this would count for your blog since there aren’t any librarians..but there is an annoying library aide and a couple of scenes of library vandalism that should make anyone in the profession shudder!

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