Celebrating four years of Reel Librarians!

Four years of reel librarian fun, can y’all believe it?!

This week, the Reel Librarians blog celebrates its fourth anniversary! Four years of reel librarian fun, can y’all believe it?! 😉 What have YOU enjoyed so far? Please let me know and leave a comment while you’re here.

Lego librarian with balloons
Reel Librarians turns four!

Quick stats:

  • Over 112,000 total views!
  • Over 50,000 total view of the home page
  • 430+ followers
  • 310+ posts (not including this one)
  • 114 visits daily average
  • 21 pages
A look at site stats, Fall 2015
No wonder Wednesday is the most popular day! That’s when I publish weekly posts on Reel Librarians.

Top 10 most popular posts this past year:

For a trip down memory lane, be sure to check out the blog’s firstsecond, and third anniversaries! 🙂

Author: Jennifer

Librarian, blogger, movie lover

9 thoughts on “Celebrating four years of Reel Librarians!”

  1. Here it is not yet 11:00 AM on Wednesday and I’m already seeing this! Happy anniversary. I think my favorite posts (since I’ve started reading) are ones that take what you’ve seen in several movies and synthesize it into a character type or trend. I also enjoy it when you happen to hit a movie I’ve seen and give me something new to think about. My best for the coming year!

  2. Just discovered your blog (while on an image hunt)! I’ve barely skimmed the surface of a few posts, so I can’t say what I like most yet. But I’m bookmarking so I can look into things more closely at my leisure.

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