Reel Librarians blog turns 3!

This week, the Reel Librarians blog celebrates its third anniversary — can’t believe it’s been three years already!

Three cheers to everyone who enjoys reading this blog! What have YOU enjoyed so far? Please let me know and leave a comment while you’re here.

Reel Librarians | Lego Librarian giveaway winner

Quick stats:

  • Almost 70,000 total views
  • Over 3,000 shares
  • 358 comments total
  • 262 posts (not including this one) + 21 pages
  • 76 visits daily average
  • 166 followers via the blog, email, Pinterest, and Bloglovin
Reel Librarians  |  Reel Librarians blog turns 3

Reel Librarians — Year 3 stats

Top 10 most popular posts & pages

For a trip down memory lane, check out the blog’s first and second anniversaries! 🙂


7 comments on “Reel Librarians blog turns 3!

  1. Gina says:

    Happy blog anniversary! I’ve enjoyed learning more about which libraries movies have been filmed in.

  2. […] 2014:  Reel Librarians blog turns 3!  […]

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