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Articles & Presentations

  • Brooks, Jon. “Reel Librarians Don’t Always Wear Buns.” School Library Journal Aug. 1997: 22.
  • Bukoff, Ronald N. “A Trip to the Library; or, The Curse of “Marian the Librarian”: Images of Libraries and Librarians on the Musical Stage. Studies in Popular Culture 22.1 (1999): 27-41.
  • Burgett, Shelley Wood. “Back to the Library: Libraries and Librarians in Film: the Sequel; An Annotated Filmography.” Kentucky Libraries 65.4 (2001): 23-27.
  • Burgett, Shelley Wood. “Libraries and Librarians in Film: An Annotated Filmography.” Community & Junior College Libraries 12.1 (2003): 71-89.
  • Burgett, Shelley Wood. “Libraries and Librarians in Film: An Annotated Filmography.” Kentucky Libraries 64.1 (2000): 3-9.
  • Church, Gary Mason. “In the Eye of the Beholder: How Librarians Have Been Viewed Over Time.” Reference Librarian 78 (2002): 5-24.
  • Dickinson, Thad E. “Looking at the Male Librarian Stereotype.” Reference Librarian 78 (2002): 97-110.
  • Duffy, Joan R. “Images of Librarians and Librarianship: A Study.” Journal of Youth Services in Libraries 3 (Summer 1990): 303-308.
  • Hall, Alison. “Behind the Bun, or Batgirl was a Librarian.” CLA Journal 49.5 (1992): 345-347.
  • Kiladitis, Rosemary L. “From Spinsters to Cyberpunks: The Changing Face of Female Librarians.” Library Student Journal 6 (Dec. 2011).
  • “Librarians on the Silver Screen.” Information Outlook Feb. 1998: 9.
  • Liebold, Louise Condak. “Changing the Librarian Stereotype.” Library Imagination Paper 19.2 (1997): 4.
  • Ott, Bill. “The Back Page: Librarians on Film.” Booklist 89.18 (May 1993): 1728.
  • Ott, Bill. “The Back Page: Life Imitates Art, Librarian Version.” Booklist 90.2 (1993): 192.
  • Plumb, Abigail Leah. “The Dewey-Eyed Decimal System: Checking Out Librarians on Film.” Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture 14 (Summer 2001).
  • Plumb, Abigail Leah. “Smarty Girl: Three Librarians on Film.” Bitch 14 (2001): 31-33, 88. Reprinted in Alternative Library Literature, 2000/2001: A Biennial Anthology. Eds. James Philip Danky & Sanford Berman. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2002.
  • Quaratiello, Arlene Rodda. “Greatly Exaggerated Death of the Library.” College and Research Libraries News 58.9 (1997): 625-626.
  • Raish, Martin. “Librarians in the Movies.” Library Mosaics 9.4 (1998): 12-15.
  • Romanko, Karen A. “A Librarian Lets Her Hair Down.” Publisher’s Weekly 230.11 (1986): 88.
  • Schmidt, Steven J. “The Depiction of Libraries, Librarians and the Book Arts in Film and Television.” Indiana Libraries 15.2 (1996): 15-56.
  • Schuman, Patricia Glass. “The Image of Librarians: Substance or Shadow?” Journal of Academic Librarianship 16.2 (1990): 86-89.
  • Stevens, Norman D. “The Last Librarian.” American Libraries Oct. 2001: 60-64.
  • Valenza, Joyce. “Just a Librarian? Who Do They Think We Are?” Book Report May/June 1996: 15-17.
  • Walker, Stephan, and V. Lonnie Lawson. “The Librarian Stereotype and the Movies.” MC Journal: The Journal of Academic Media Librarianship 1.1 (1993): 16-28.
  • Wallis, Linda. “The Image and What You Can Do About it in the Year of the Librarian.” American Libraries 20.1 (Jan. 1989): 22-25.
  • Williamson, Jeanine. “Jungian/Myers-Briggs Personality Types of Librarians in Films.” Reference Librarian 78 (2002): 47-59.

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Books & Dissertations

  • British Library. As Others See Us: The Image of the Librarian. London: British Library Information Sciences Services, 1993.
  • Duda, Frederick. Bib/Triv: Profundities, Banalities, and Trivialities in Libraryland. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co., 1992.
  • Duda, Frederick. “Librarians on Film.” The Whole Library Handbook. Comp. George M. Eberhart. Chicago: American Library Association, 1991. 457-458.
  • Duda, Frederick. “Librarians on Stage and Screen.” The Whole Library Handbook 2. Comp. George M. Eberhart. Chicago: American Library Association, 1995. 463-467.
  • Harris, Michael H. History of the Libraries in the Western World. New Jersey: Scarecrow Press, 1995.
  • King, William H. “The Celluloid Librarian: The Portrayal of Librarians in Motion Pictures.” Master’s thesis, U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1990.
  • Low, Kathleen. Casanova Was a Librarian. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2007.
  • Raish, Martin, Frederick Duda, and George M. Eberhart. “Librarians on Stage and Screen.” The Whole Library Handbook 3. Comp. George M. Eberhart. Chicago: American Library Association, 2000. 531-545.
  • Snoek-Brown, Jennifer. “A Glimpse Through the Glasses: Portrayals of Librarians in Film.” Thesis, West Texas A&M U, 2001.
  • Wheeler, Karen. “Image of Librarians in Motion Pictures from 1980 to 1996.” Master’s thesis, Kent State U, 1996.
  • Yeagley, Beth. “Shelving, Stamping and Shushing: Librarians in the Movies.” Diss. Kent State U, 1999.

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