Monster librarian?

My mom tipped me off to Monsters University, the sequel to the 2001 film Monsters Inc., possibly including a reel librarian, based on a trailer she had recently seen. And, of course, I had to research it immediately! (That tip-off was soon followed by a similar message from my sister-in-law. I have my family trained, y’all, and on the alert for reel librarians. I’m so proud. 😉 )

The library setting is featured in several short clips in the trailer, including this freeze frame…

Reel Librarians  |  Monsters University screenshot

… and these screenshots at 2:04 of what looks to be… a monster librarian! AAAARGHHHH!

Reel Librarians  |  Monsters University library scene screenshot

Reel Librarians  |  Monsters University screenshot

I’m planning to see this film on the big screen at a local drive-in (the Newberg 99, check it out!) for a special Independence Day showing, so I should have a “first impressions” post up in a couple of weeks.

Stay tuned!


3 comments on “Monster librarian?

  1. […] you haven’t seen the new Monster’s University movie with the 50-foot octopus-like librarian, it’s really a scream. She can throw rowdy patrons out the window with ease and find a book […]

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