Video recording for ‘Shush-ers, Spinsters & Sirens: Exploring Librarians in Film’ presentation

As I mentioned in last week’s post, I presented about reel librarians at my college a few weeks ago as part of our “Library Lunchtime Lecture” series. My talk was filmed by our Media Services staff, and they’ve uploaded it to our college’s YouTube channel. So if you’re a longtime reader (thank you!), you can finally put a voice to the words I write every week on this blog. 😉

Shush-ers, Spinsters & Sirens: Exploring Librarians in Film

Check it out below:

Shush-ers, Spinsters & Sirens: Exploring Librarians in Film (5708140 Melissa Adams),” uploaded by TCC Multimedia, Standard YouTube License

Please note that this recording does not include captions.

The camera operator kept the camera pretty close (to protect students’ privacy), and I wore a mic (which I promptly forgot about, so there are times when I hit the mic that was pinned to my denim jacket, sorry). The room was full, so there were 40-50 people present in total, including one entire class of students. The energetic vibe in the room on the day isn’t all that evident in the video recording (especially because you can’t hear anyone else!), but it was a really fun program to present!

Presentation timeline

  • Introduction:  My intro lasts the first 17 minutes of the recording
  • Film clips:  The bulk of my presentation, including a majority of the brief film clips, start from 17 minutes in and last through the 48-minute mark.
  • Audience Q&A:  The questions start around the 48-minute mark and last through the final 1 hour, 2 minute duration of the video
    • I forgot to verbally restate the questions during the program for the benefit of the recording, so I’ve summarized the questions below and their approximate start times in the video:
      • What got you started in this research and your undergraduate honors thesis? [48:40]
      • What has been the greatest change in librarianship that you’ve experienced personally, things you didn’t know about librarianship until you became a librarian? [50:15]
      • Do you think you would have chosen librarianship if your mother hadn’t been a librarian? [52:10]
      • What is the reaction from other librarians when you present on this topic at librarian conferences? Is it well-received? Do they see the value in this research? [53:45]
      • What are some indicators of what it takes to be a librarian (in case some students present are interested in librarianship)? [56:00]
      • Have more recent films included more positive portrayals of librarians? [58:00]
      • Is there more diversity in librarianship itself? Or is art imitating life? [59:00]
      • From your personal experiences, do you have concerns about the profession or where it’s headed? [1:00:00]

Continuing the conversation

Let’s continue the conversation! Please share any additional questions you’d like to know about my reel librarians research, and/or share anything you found particularly interesting in the video.

And if you actually did watch the video all the way through, then five gold stars for you! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Reel librarian poster sessions

While living and working in Wisconsin in the mid-to-late 2000s, I began my first Reel Librarians web site as a way to pull together all my research up to that point in one place. I then began presenting my research via local and state conference poster sessions, which was a great way to talk with fellow professionals about reel librarians. It was fun to personally witness how surprised even my fellow librarians were at how many films feature our profession!

Reel Librarians  |  WLA Poster Session, 2006

My first poster session was at the 2006 Wisconsin Library Association Annual Conference in November 2006. The left side of the poster featured female character types (“Beyond the Bun”), the right side had male character types (“Beyond the Bow Tie”), and the middle section highlighted firsts in librarian cinema.

And fun fact — I still have that “Connecting Librarians & Film” poster! 😀

Reel Librarians  |  Research Poster Day, 2007

I next presented my poster at my university’s Research/Poster Day in March 2007. I also brought in old film canisters — from our own library, no less! — which propped up a laptop featuring my (then current) web site.

Reel Librarians  |  Research Poster Day, 2007

The next month, April 2007, I presented my poster again at the Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians (WAAL) Annual Conference.

Reel Librarians  |  WAAL Poster Session, 2007

In the wide shot below during the poster session, I’m in the upper left corner talking with a colleague.

Reel Librarians  |  WAAL Poster Session, 2007

For this go-around, I added a film librarian trivia challenge and a giveaway. The prize? This “Marian the Librarian” coffee mug! (I bought two, so I could keep one for myself.)

Next week, I’ll share the trivia challenge, so y’all have time to prepare. 😉