BONUS! ‘Fright Club’ podcast redux: Librarians in horror films

I re-joined MaddWolf for a follow-up podcast all about librarians in horror movies

More exciting news to share with y’all! Earlier this year, back in February, you may remember that I had been invited by George Wolf and Hope Madden of to join them on an episode of their Fright Club podcast, an episode that focused on memorable library moments in horror movies. We had so much fun that Hope and George invited me for a follow-up Fright Club podcast that would dive into memorable portrayals of librarians in horror movies (not just scenes set in libraries).

Well, that time has come. THIS IS NOT A DRILL, Y’ALL. 😉

Head on over to to listen to the new “Fright Club: Librarians in Horror” podcast episode, in which I re-join Hope and George to chat about memorable major librarian characters in horror films. I came to the table with my top 5 librarians in horror, and Hope and George shared their personal top 5 — and there was some overlap! We had so much fun chatting and laughing about librarians in horror movies, so check it out… if you dare! 

Here’s a line from the podcast episode:

“You just sum it up in one sentence, and you just want to watch it: It’s a librarian by day, a chainsaw-wielding serial killer by night. I mean, that’s all you need!”

From “Fright Club: Librarians in Horror” podcast,, 29 Aug. 2021

There are mannnnnnnny more awesome — or awesomely bad! — major reel librarian characters in horror movies that we didn’t have space for in the podcast. So as a teaser, below are a few additional titles that didn’t make my final list…

… and now go and listen to the Fright Club podcast to see which librarians in horror movies DID make the cut! 😀

Do you have some personal faves in our collective lists? Some additional major librarian roles in horror to add to the list? Please leave a comment and share!

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BONUS! Check out this ‘Fright Club: Library Horror’ podcast

I joined MaddWolf on their newest Fright Club podcast, all about library scenes in horror movies

Exciting news to share with all y’all Reel Librarian readers! Last week, I was invited by George Wolf and Hope Madden of, a very cool movie review site, to be a guest on their Fright Club podcast. (!!!) This is a podcast all about horror movies, and each podcast theme is different (e.g. Motorcycle Mayhem, Best Cosmic Horror, Grief in Horror Movies, etc.) And the latest podcast theme all about library horror came about by reader demand! 🙂 There are soooooo many library scenes and reel librarians in horror movies, a theme I have written about many times before on this blog. In fact, MaddWolf came across this Reel Librarians site and blog when doing research for this podcast, and they actually delayed their podcast recording in order to invite me to join them. I had a blast — my first podcast! — and it was fascinating to glimpse a bit behind-the-scenes about what goes into recording a podcast.

So be sure to listen to the “Fright Club: Library Horror” podcast, in which I join Hope and George to chat about microfiche, creepy librarians, and memorably frightful library scenes. Check it out… if you dare! 😉

And bonus good news on this bonus post… Hope and George have invited me back in a few weeks for a follow-up Fright Club podcast that will dive into memorable portrayals of librarians in horror movies. I will keep you updated on Part 2! In the meantime, would you like to help me compile my list? Please comment and share your personal favorite librarian characters in horror movies!

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