BONUS! Nobody’s April fool

Reimagined poster art for your April Fool’s Day viewing pleasure. Some of these feel so awesomely wrong they SHOULD be right. 😉

♦ Check out this EW gallery of 16 (im)posters for The Hunger Games. My faves are the ones for Roger Corman (“She-Devil Deathmatch in the Blood Arena”) and Christopher Nolan (“Brunette Actress as Katniss”).

♦ This “‘What if…’ Movies reimagined for another time & place…” gallery made me laugh all the way through. It’s hard to pick a fave — they’re all so clever and so realistic — but I especially adore the poster art for The Hangover, starring Jack Lemmon, Dean Martin, and Jerry Lewis, and Avatar, reimagined with Natalie Wood, William Shatner, and John Wayne (as seen below).

"Avatar" What If... Poster © 2011 by Peter Stults. Click to view full gallery.