Where do I begin? A love story.

Welcome to my new site about librarians in film!

For me, librarians + movies = love! Technically, this site is a new (and hopefully more permanent) incarnation of my previous “Reel Librarians” site, which I had developed off a previous work site and server. But the site’s back now – hopefully, better than ever. Please check back often or sign up for RSS or email updates.

Balloons photo by autumnsgoddess0 via Pixabay is licensed under CC0
Balloons photo by autumnsgoddess0 via Pixabay is licensed under CC0

Some features of the site to also explore:

  • Movie Lists, including a Master List of English-language films that feature librarians
  • Role Call, where I’ve highlighted character roles, or types, for reel librarians
  • Reel Substance, in which I’ve placed films into categories according to how important the librarians are to the film

So where did my interest in reel librarians begin?

I am a proud second-generation librarian — my mother is a (retired) school librarian. We should have both known I would become a librarian, because when I was young, I took (many) stacks of index cards and made a card catalog for my own personal collection of books and magazines. FOR FUN! And I literally grew up in a library — my parents had 5 library collections within our house:  1 for children’s books, 1 for fiction, 1 for non-fiction, 1 for biographies, and 1 for movies. We lived in the country, with only one TV channel available. Therefore, I grew up watching movies!

So this site, connecting librarians and movies, is a perfect combination of what I grew up on and loved — and I hope you will enjoy it a little bit, as well!

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