BONUS! Nobody’s April fool

Reimagined poster art for your April Fool’s Day viewing pleasure. Some of these feel so awesomely wrong they SHOULD be right. 😉

♦ Check out this EW gallery of 16 (im)posters for The Hunger Games. My faves are the ones for Roger Corman (“She-Devil Deathmatch in the Blood Arena”) and Christopher Nolan (“Brunette Actress as Katniss”).

♦ This “‘What if…’ Movies reimagined for another time & place…” gallery made me laugh all the way through. It’s hard to pick a fave — they’re all so clever and so realistic — but I especially adore the poster art for The Hangover, starring Jack Lemmon, Dean Martin, and Jerry Lewis, and Avatar, reimagined with Natalie Wood, William Shatner, and John Wayne (as seen below).

"Avatar" What If... Poster © 2011 by Peter Stults. Click to view full gallery.


Weekend Special: On the move

Hi there and happy weekend!

From now on, the interesting links and tidbits I’ve been sharing every week through these “Weekend Special” posts will migrate to a new home… my own personal site at Double the fun!

It made sense to me to have a more permanent home base, one that highlights personal and professional interests and pulls together all my various web projects. There is also a slideshow of library-related photos of yours truly. 😉

But no worries about this Reel Librarians site… I will still be posting regularly. Right now, I’m on a MWF schedule for blog posts. There’s lots more librarians-and-movies fun in store.

So please take a look at my new site when you can. Enjoy!

Weekend Special: Ring-a-ding-ding

New Year's fireworks at the Burj Khalifa 2010

Happy (almost) New Year!

♥ I’m all prepped to rewatch When Harry Met Sally… (1989), which also makes this list of the top 10 memorable New Year’s Eves in cinema.

♥ Also, this year we’re popping out the egg nog instead of the champagne — we’re getting old, people — so here’s a brief history of egg nog for you to indulge on (without all the calories!)

♥ I try to include a “spoiler alert” warning on posts, because it’s just too hard not to mention endings or important plot points when discussing reel librarian roles. But it’s even harder to discuss what makes a good ending, when doing so can destroy the experience for a new audience. It’s a pickle.

♥ My husband’s addiction of choice is coffee (he’s so proud he’s made me a recent convert), while mine would be — if you’re a frequent reader — movies, of course. Check out these addictions of 10 famous authors. Not that it comes as any surprise, but James Joyce was weird.

Weekend Special: Silver bells and all that jazz

For those who celebrate Christmas, Happy Christmas Eve! Here are some cool things on the interwebs that have filled my stocking this past week.

♥ I love the artistry of book covers (seriously, check out Chip Kidd, a master of book design). Here is a gallery of the the 10 best book covers of 2011. Do you agree?

♥ And here is the list of EW’s top 25 movie posters of 2011.

♥ Your weekly dose of pretty? Check out these images from the medieval manuscript Liber Floridus (Book of Flowers). You’re welcome.

♥ The townhouse used in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (yep, the film features an uptight reel librarian) is up for sale. Cue oohing and aahing and humming of “Moon River” in 1… 2… 3. Go!

♥ Whether you’re glad or not that Christmas carol season is on its merry way out until next year (I personally loooooove Christmas carols), here’s an interesting essay about the long, strange history of Christmas carols.

Weekend Special: It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Rockin' around the Christmas tree...

I love Christmas carols, so it’s full-on caroling and bells jingling inside my head these days…

♥ A classic chicken-or-the-egg question that adapts so easily to pop culture — what should come first, the book or the movie? I really like this personal take on the subject, about how your answer can flex depending on the situation. LOTR? Yep, I made sure I read the books first. Game of Thrones? Watched the (awesome!) TV series, and still thinking about maybe reading the books.

The library phantom scuptor returns! I included a link on a previous Weekend Special post about this unknown artist leaving gorgeously intricate sculptures in Scottish libraries, and the Phantom Sculptor is back (but only for a limited time, it seems).

♥ Maybe it’s weird, but I had SO. MUCH. FUN. scrolling through these pictures of stacks of books (and assorted media) found in offices. And yes, I made it all the way through and wanted more. And then I wanted to take photos of our books in our apartment.

♥ And what better way to wrap up than with this oh-so-cute Christmas tree made up of books? You could also try this with your favorite movies!