Adding more to my master list

Adding titles from the “YouTube and Librarians (Movies)” playlist

I can confirm hand-clapping when I recently came across the “YouTube and Librarians (Movies)” list online. This YouTube channel compiles various reel librarian film clips, and therefore, I was able to add several new titles added to my Master List! Of course, this means more homework for me… but as a daughter of two teachers, I’m obviously ok with that! 🙂

The Age of Stupid (2009):

In this cinematic mix of a fiction and documentary, Pete Postlethwaite plays The Archivist, who reviews archival footage relating to humans’ inability to address climate change.

Age of Stupid: Clips: Layefa & The Archivist” video uploaded by Spanner Films is licensed under a Standard YouTube license

Be Kind Rewind (2008):

This looks to include a short scene parodying the opening library scene in Ghostbusters.

Be Kind Rewind – Random Library Capture Scene” video uploaded by blaise365 is licensed under a Standard YouTube license

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (2008):

Harold kisses a girl in the library stacks. Not sure if there’s a librarian in the movie — doesn’t look to be one in this clip — so I’ll have to watch the entire movie to make sure.

Kumar Meets Vanessa At The Library Scene From H&KEFGB” video uploaded by nokturnalmortom666 is licensed under a Standard YouTube license

Late Afternoon of the Living Dead (2007):

It looks like this is a low-budget parody of zombie horror films, featuring a librarian as the main character, Chris. Sounds like a Liberated Librarian storyline…

Movie Trailer- Late Afternoon of the Living Dead” video uploaded by Ten Wing Media is licensed under a Standard YouTube license

The Librarians (aka Strike Force, 2003):

I think the “librarians” in this title are in name only, as the movie’s about a team of mercenaries on the hunt for a kidnapped girl. Not sure why the reference to librarians, but that just means I’ve got to watch it to find out.

Mike Kirton’s – The Librarians” video uploaded by visionaryage is licensed under a Standard YouTube license

Racing Daylight (2007):

Watching this clip, I was thinking, “Where’s the librarian?” Looking up the plot in IMDb, it turns out the main character (played by Melissa Leo) is a librarian! Leo plays a dual role as a modern-day woman and her Civil War-era ancestor.

Racing Daylight Teaser” video uploaded by RacingDaylightMovie is licensed under a Standard YouTube license

Red (2010):

It seems Ernest Borgnine plays some kind of archivist or record keeper. I’ve been wanting to watch this (Helen Mirren fan!), so extra reason now to do so.

Racing Daylight Teaser” video uploaded by RacingDaylightMovie is licensed under a Standard YouTube license

Red Roses and Petrol (2003):

The main character (played by Malcolm McDowell) is a librarian, a family patriarch whose dysfunctional family gathers together after his death.

Red Roses and Petrol – Malcolm McDowell Has Something to Share” video uploaded by World Wide Motion Pictures is licensed under a Standard YouTube license

Shelf Life (2005):

A library-centric plot in this indie film that seems to be some kind of mashup of Party Girl (1995) and Election (1999).

Here’s the plot write-up from a Cinequest film review:

Who knew a library could be grounds for such wicked office politics? It all starts when a fresh-out-of-rehab goth slacker Nikki Reynolds (Betsy Brandt) takes a job at the local library. Strict, by-the-book head librarian Betty Bonhauser (Elisa Bocanegra) is quick to remind everyone using a flip chart of her family’s successful librarian lineage.

Shelf Life Trailer” video uploaded by Tamaroland Pictures is licensed under a Standard YouTube license

The Ten (2007):

A film that includes 10 sketches parodying the “Ten Commandments.” One segment, “Thou Shalt Not Take the Lord’s Name in Vain” (a parody of Y tu mama también) features Gretchen Mol as a librarian who travels to Mexico for a fling.

Vault of Darkness (2009):

A horror anthology film comprised of four stories. story segments. One segment, “It’s Hour Come Round,” features a young librarian (Christina Cupo).

VAULT OF DARKNESS” video uploaded by R Squared Films is licensed under a Standard YouTube license

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An ‘Amazing’ librarian cameo?

Stan Lee reveals he has a cameo as a librarian!

The Spider-Man franchise reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man, opens today. Oh, you haven’t heard of it? 😉 I was so excited last week to come across this YouTube video of Stan Lee, creator of Spider-Man and many other comic book series, at the 2011 Dallas Comic-Con. He talks about his cameos in movie adaptations of his works and then reveals his cameo in The Amazing Spider-Man — Stan Lee himself revealed the spoiler, so I don’t feel bad about revealing it here — which apparently features a major fight scene between Spider-Man and The Lizard in a library. And Stan Lee has a cameo as a librarian!

We were on the fence about watching the movie, but now, we’ve got to watch it! 🙂

Stan Lee spoils his cameo in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN at the 2011 Dallas Comic Con” video uploaded by bigfanboy is licensed under a Standard YouTube license

The Lego Librarian video

Such a small, beautiful world.

While looking for a different librarian-related clip, I stumbled across this beautiful, thought-provoking short film entitled “The Librarian,” created by Alexander H.

The Librarian” video uploaded by Silent Frames is licensed under a CC BY license

First of all, Legos! ♥ I loooooved the detail of the pink neck scarf on the Lego Librarian. She’s stylin’.

I also smiled at how it connected back to a recent post on this blog about librarians’ struggle between perfect order and perfect chaos.

The caption on YouTube stated it was awarded the jury’s 1st place at Steinerei 2011 (the theme that year was “Chaos”). Which of course, meant I had to look up what Steinerei was. And after using Google Translate, the Steinerei site told me that since since 2005, it’s an annual film festival in Germany that showcases brickfilms, which are short films created in stop-motion using plastic toys like Legos.

Such a small, beautiful world.

A life well advertised

Commercial featuring a “fastidious librarian”

Until this week, I had never before seen this Raymond James commercial (apparently, it first aired in Fall 2010) about the “fastidious librarian Emily Skinner,” who lives life to the fullest, even at 187 years young. After viewing it, I turned to Sam and said, “That’s the Liberated Librarian arc in a commercial!” Raymond James is, of course, posturing itself as her savior — but one could make the argument that it’s Emily herself, right?

Raymond James Commercial – “The Woman Who Lived Longer Than Any Person Who Has Ever Lived” video uploaded by Martin Williams is licensed under a Standard YouTube license

I quite enjoyed the ad, and overall, it’s a pretty flattering portrayal of a librarian. Emily, “The Woman Who Lived Longer Than Any Person Who Has Ever Lived,” is obviously intellectually curious (loooove the detail of her dress matching her wallpaper in the shot of hanging up that first diploma) and fun-loving. She pays attention to details but also looks at the big picture with long-term goals. A life well planned, and a life well lived. Go librarians! 🙂