First podcast! Favorite ‘Reel Librarians’ posts of 2021 + a continuing goal for 2022

If you’ve wondered what the real-life librarian behind ‘Reel Librarians’ sounds like, then this podcast is for you!

Happy New Year! It’s an annual tradition here on Reel Librarians to take a quick look back at favorite posts from the past year before launching into the new year. It’s also good to keep trying new things, so this year, I decided it would be fun to explore a podcast format for this “year in review” post. And yes, this is the first-ever podcast produced by Reel Librarians!

For this podcast, I invited my spouse, Sam, to chat about our favorite Reel Librarians posts this past year. And a big shout-out to Sam for editing this podcast. ❤

Enjoy the first podcast for Reel Librarians!
Favorite posts of 2021 + a continuing goal for 2022

Music credit: “Public Library Blues” by Super_Sigil via CC Mixter, CC BY NC 3.0 license

Spoiler alerts & sources

As I mentioned in the podcast, here’s a spoiler alert for plot points mentioned about 2021’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. (And please, do not share any spoilers on this post about Wong and the new Spider-Man: No Way Home movie — I will watch that movie once it’s available for streaming.)

This may seem like another spoiler, but I’m a librarian, so OF COURSE I have to credit my sources. Below I have added quick links to the posts that are referenced in the podcast — but you’ll have to listen to the podcast to discover in which context they’re mentioned and by whom!

FYI, some of the posts linked below are not necessarily our faves (or even published this past year!); let’s just say we had a wide-ranging conversation. 🙂 I’ve also arranged the post links below in alphabetical order by title, not necessarily in the order that they’re mentioned in the podcast.

What are your thoughts?

Did you enjoy this new podcast format? I have no intention of creating a regular podcast — I am most comfortable expressing myself through writing — but would you enjoy occasional or special podcasts on this blog? Do you have any sign-off catchphrases or podcast titles to suggest? (The nerdier, the better! 😉 ) Do you have any personal fave posts or themes from the blog this past year? Do you have any specific themes, ideas, questions, and/or reel librarian movies you would like me to explore in 2022? Please leave a comment and share.


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