Reel librarians crossword challenge

A couple of weeks ago, I presented about reel librarians at my college as part of our “Library Lunchtime Lecture” series. I’m hoping to include a link to the program next week (fingers crossed!), as the program was filmed by our Media Services. Stay tuned…

… and in the meantime, I am sharing the crossword puzzle I created for the program as a takeaway. Below is an excerpt from the puzzle:

Reel Librarians Crossword Challenge

Click image to view/download/print the “Reel Librarians Crossword Challenge”

Click here to view and download the crossword for yourself — and hint, the answers are at the bottom of the second page! 😉

And after I put my own crossword together, I realized that I had written back in 2012 about a “Libraries in the Movies” crossword puzzle I had picked up years before at a Wisconsin Library Association conference. So once you’ve taken my crossword puzzle, challenge yourself with that one, too! If you click the link in this paragraph or the image below, you will see I’ve attached the files for the “Libraries in the Movies” puzzle and answer key in the 2012 blog post.

WLA "Libraries in the Movies" crossword puzzle

Click this image to view the WLA “Libraries in the Movies” crossword puzzle

Enjoy all the reel librarian trivia and puzzles! 😀


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