Reel librarians in review, 2017

Happy 2018! Here’s a quick look back at Reel Librarians during 2017.

Wordpress celebration graphic
WordPress celebration graphic

10 most popular posts of 2017 overall:

Almost all of the 10 most popular posts last year were published prior to 2017 — with a couple of notable exceptions, #4 and #7 — which the WordPress stats helpers interpret as “Your writing has staying power!” 😉

  1. Librarian t-shirt collection (Sept. 2014)
  2. Marian or Marion? (May 2012)
  3. Naughty Librarians (ladies, take it away) (March 2012)
  4. First impressions: ‘Hidden Figures’ and its library scene (Feb. 2017)
  5. The Killing Kind vs. The Attic (Oct. 2013)
  6. The Jedi librarian (March 2013)
  7. Books and book-burning in ‘Fahrenheit 451’ (May 2017)
  8. Harry Potter and Madame Pince (Dec. 2012)
  9. You, Me, Dupree, and the Naughty Librarian (Aug. 2015)
  10. Reel librarians with ‘A Bone to Pick’ (July 2015)

10 most popular posts written and published in 2017:

  1. First impressions: ‘Hidden Figures’ and its library scene (Feb. 2017)
  2. Books and book-burning in ‘Fahrenheit 451’ (May 2017)
  3. The Quotable Librarian | Inspirational quotes from famous librarians (May 2017)
  4. Reel librarians in ‘Rollerball’ | Analyzing the 1975 original film and 2002 remake (Feb. 2017)
  5. All the president’s librarians (March 2017)
  6. Portrait of a real librarian adventurer (June 2017)
  7. New book ‘This is What a Librarian Looks Like’ — and I’m in it! (May 2017)
  8. Revisiting the reel librarian hero in 1999’s ‘The Mummy’ (July 2017)
  9. The reel librarian in The Handmaid’s Tale (April 2017)
  10. A closer look at the reel librarians in the original Ghostbusters (July 2017)

My personal favorite posts of 2017:

I always find it an interesting exercise to take a look back and identify my own personal favorite posts of the year. That’s why I will be back next week with an entire post dedicated to it… See you then!



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