Tweets about Reel Librarians

Every so often, it’s fun to explore on Twitter if anyone’s tweeted about Reel Librarians

After a couple of intense and in-depth film analyses these last few weeks, I thought it might be nice to try something a little lighter. I admit that I’m not personally on Twitter — and I don’t have a Twitter account for my site Reel Librarians, either — but every so often, it’s fun to explore on Twitter if anyone’s tweeted about Reel Librarians. And lo and behold, they have! πŸ˜€

Here are some of the tweet themes I’ve noticed over the years, as well as some (not all) of my favorite tweets about the Reel Librarians site in general or about specific posts:

Such a site exists!

Tweet from Red Hook Library
Tweet from FIMS Grad Library
Tweet from INALJ (Naomi House)
Tweet from Movie Vigilante
Tweet from Doug Lenox

Real librarians love watching reel librarians:

Tweet from Vanessa Verdun-Morris
Tweet from K-State Libraries
Tweet from AFI Research Coll.

Loving research:

Tweet from Anne B
Tweet thread from Seri

Loving librarians in horror films:

Tweet from waltr locustus pecoponzo
Tweet from Mary-Michelle Moore
Tweet from Seattle Book News
Tweet from Emiliy Scott
Tweet from Linda Savhammar

Loving ‘The Librarians’ TV show:

Tweet from mary e. brewer
Tweet from Samuel Snoek-Brown
Tweet from Samuel Snoek-Brown

Loving librarian style:

Tweet from Heather Langley
Tweet from Mary-Michelle Moore

VIP reader and tweeter:

Emily, a librarian and bee keeper, is a longtime reader of Reel Librarians, and comments frequently on posts. I love that she has also tweeted often about the site — thanks so much, Emily! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Tweet from Emily Scott
Tweet from Emily Scott
Tweet from Emily Scott
Tweet from Emily Scott


And last but not least, what might just be my personal favorite tweet about Reel Librarians, directly from actress Sally Mortemore, who played librarian Madam Pince in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002). She personally responded to the post I wrote about Madame Pince, comparing the librarian character in the books with her onscreen portrayal.

Tweet from Sally Mortemore

Hope you enjoyed the Reel Librarian-themed tweets! I’ll be back next week with more reel librarian fun πŸ˜€


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