A trip down memory lane

This past week, a good friend of mine from Platteville, Wisconsin, sent me a letter — and surprise! — added an old newspaper clipping from the The Platteville Journal. The clipping was an October 2007 article about me and my reel librarian research.

Reel Librarians | Newspaper clipping from The Platteville Journal

I used to live and work in Platteville at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, from 2005 through 2008, and I had totally forgotten about this article!

It made for a lovely, and unexpected, trip down memory lane. 😀

Back in fall 2007, the newspaper published an article, entitled “Librarian connects the real to ‘reel’ stereotypes,” to highlight the fact that I was about to present a program on the topic at that year’s Wisconsin Library Association Annual Conference in Green Bay. The story ended up on page 9 of the local paper, taking up about half of that page. The Platteville Journal doesn’t keep any archives online, so it’s a treat to now have what must be one of the few records left of this article.

Reel Librarians | Newspaper clipping from The Platteville Journal

Here’s a quote from me in the article:

I’m interested in exploring what librarians represent in film, and how we, as watchers, react to these images and portrayals.

And I’m still exploring those themes ten years later… the more times change, the more things stay the same! 😀

You can see the color version of that same photo used in the newspaper article here in this previous post about my reel librarian poster sessions, and you can read about another reel librarians program I presented last year at the Oregon Library Association Annual Conference.


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