Going back down the rabbit hole | Librarian misspellings and search terms

A post revisiting all the different ways people misspell the word “librarians”

In my “Down the rabbit hole” post from July 2013, I explored site statistics for different ways and keywords people searched to get to my Reel Librarians site, which turned into a post about all the different ways people misspelled the word “librarians.”

List of common misspellings for the word librarian
List of common misspellings for the word librarian

I thought it would be fun — or maddening? or both?! — to revisit this idea and see if anyone has gotten any better at spelling the word “librarians” in the resulting three years.

Spoiler alert? They haven’t. 😦 Most common misspellings continue to include librianslibbrarians, and libarians.

Also, does anyone else itch to replicate some of the more interesting/odd keyword searches, just to see how it connects to your site? ‘Cause y’all know I totally did that!



  • Over 15,000 keyword searches
  • Theme of searches for librarian names:
    • funny librarian names
    • funny names for librarians
    • cool librarian nicknames
    • sexy librarian names
    • common librarian names


  • Almost 12,000 keyword searches
  • Again, a theme of searches for librarian names!
    • funny librarian names
    • librarian names
    • other names for librarians
    • librarian nicknames
    • names for librarians
    • Names of librarians
    • sexy librarian names
    • naughty librarian names
    • librarian name

It was very interesting to note the recurring theme of searches for librarian names. I did a post a few years ago about names of major librarian characters, as well as a post about common screen credits and titles for reel librarians… perhaps I should revisit that theme again?

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think about that idea. Or send me some additional, interesting names of major librarian characters, to add to my list! 🙂


Author: Jennifer

Librarian, blogger, movie lover

4 thoughts on “Going back down the rabbit hole | Librarian misspellings and search terms”

  1. I think “librarian names” might be an interesting theme to return to.
    I don’t look at the search terms people use very often, but I have learned a couple of things when I do. One is that there are a lot of people who find my site because of an interest in the Mexican revolution or vigilante activity on the border in the 19-teens. I only have found a few movies about these, but they get lots of hits. The other is that English teachers are apparently assigning the short story version of “Alias Jimmy Valentine” (1915, it was an O.Henry story originally titled “A Retrieved Refomation”) to their students. Lots of them search for “sparknotes Jimmy Valentine” or “Jimmy Valentine summary” and find my review instead. The sad thing is that the original is less than ten pages long. It does include the word “assiduously” in the first sentence – maybe the vocabulary intimidates them.

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