Reader poll: A runner-up becomes the winner

The votes for the most recent reader poll are in… and y’all chose Soylent Green by a very large margin. In this 1973 sci-fi classic, librarians play a small, but important role, and are known as “Books.”

Reel Librarians reader poll winner

I will be enjoying some Soylent Green along with my Thanksgiving leftovers over the weekend (hah!). Next week I will be back with a film analysis post — stay tuned!


2 comments on “Reader poll: A runner-up becomes the winner

  1. popegrutch says:

    As you re-watch this, I hope you’ll ponder this riddle: All librarians may be books, but are all books librarians? 🙂

  2. […] Last week, the winner of the reader poll of runner-ups (say that phrase 3 times fast!) was the 1973 sci-fi classic, Soylent Green. In the year 2022, food is scarce, and a majority of the world’s population relies on a food product called “Soylent Green.” A detective, played by Charlton Heston, investigates the murder of a Soylent official… and discovers the secret behind Soylent Green. […]

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