Reader poll of runner-ups: Choose your next adventure

Y’all have indulged my tangents the last couple of weeks (the danger of a single story for reel librarians two weeks ago and thanking librarians in book acknowledgments last week), so now I’m flipping the lens back around.

I started reader polls back in May 2014 for you to choose your next adventure, and I’ve continued doing reader polls every 6 months or so ever since. I had an idea for this next round, to select the next winner from the runner-ups of the 5 prior reader polls.

From runner-up to winner… you get to choose the next reel librarian movie I watch and analyze!

Reel Librarians | Reader poll runner-ups

Adventure (1945)

This film place second in the November 2014 reader poll. A sea-going adventurer (Clark Gable) falls for a librarian (Greer Garson), but their relationship is not smooth sailing.

An Extremely Goofy Movie (2000)

This tied for second place in the first reader poll, along with Soylent Green. It’s an animated film and includes a memorable college librarian character.

A Girl Named Tamiko (1962)

This film, available online through the Paramount Vault YouTube channel, was runner-up in the most recent reader poll, from this past spring. The title character of Tamiko, who is from a wealthy Japanese family, works as a librarian for the Foreign Press Club in Tokyo. There are a couple of scenes set in the Foreign Press Club library.

Public Access (1993)

This tied for runner-up in the scary-movie edition reader poll from Sept. 2015, along with Wilderness. In this film, director Bryan Singer’s first feature-length film, a stranger arrives in the sleepy, small town of Brewster and stirs up dark secrets with his public access TV show that asks, “What’s wrong with Brewster?” He dates the shy, young town librarian.

Soylent Green (1973)

This classic sci-fi film also tied for second place in the first reader poll, along with An Extremely Goofy Movie. The librarians in this film are known as “Books.”

Wilderness (1996)

This tied for runner-up in the scary-movie edition reader poll from Sept. 2015, along with Public Access. Amanda Ooms plays Alice White, a librarian at a British university, who has a dark secret: she locks herself away every month when she transforms into a werewolf!

Note: Originally a three-part British mini-series, I have a copy of the abridged movie version released in the U.S.

Wonder Man (1945)

This film was runner-up in the third reader poll in May 2015. Nightclub singer Buster Dingle (Danny Kaye) gets killed by a mob boss, and his spirit enters his identical twin, Edwin (also played by Kaye). Edwin, a bookworm writing a history book, gets involved with a young and attractive librarian (Virginia Mayo).

The poll will stay open through next Tuesday, Nov. 23, 10 p.m. PST.

I’ll be back next week on Wednesday with the winning runner-up!


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