Revisiting favorites | Soul and inspiration, Nov. 7, 2011

The first stop in my “Summer of Nostalgia” blog tour and revisiting past favorites on this blog… first up is an early post from November 2011, the “(You’re My) Soul and Inspiration” post spotlighting my inspiration for analyzing reel librarians.

I’ll pause while you read the original post… 😉

Reel Librarians screenshot

Revisiting a favorite post on Reel Librarians

As I wrote back then:

So the long-term inspiration for this blog stems deep, from my childhood love of movies and librarians. But there is another, more specific inspiration for connecting the two, to seek out and analyze reel librarians specifically.

This came in the form of the July 1997 issue of the now-defunct print version of Movieline magazine.

More specifically, I loved the article “The Drilling Fields: An Oral History of Hollywood’s Unfair Depiction of a Tragically Downtrodden Minority — Dentists” by Joe Queenan.

So after I first read this article and stopped chuckling over Queenan’s irresistible mix of smarty-pants film analysis and interesting trivia, I couldn’t help thinking…. wouldn’t this be so fun to do for librarians?!

And I’ve been having fun ever since.

Reel dentists article

Reel dentists article

Why this post?

Because, first of all, it’s nice to revisit WHY I was inspired to start analyzing librarians in film. I also sincerely believe Joe Queenan’s writing style has helped shape my own writing style. I strive for a writing style that is fun, conversational, and a bit snarky, in addition to including some (hopefully) sharp insights sprinkled throughout for a few “oh, I didn’t think about that!” kind of moments. I love analyzing reel librarian portrayals, and I want to have FUN doing that — and hopefully, it’s fun as well for my readers. 🙂

Reel Librarians screenshot

Reel Librarians screenshot

I’m not sure how Joe Queenan would feel if he knew that he had inspired a teenager back in 1997 to grow up and research librarian portrayals in films — for almost two decades at this point — and end up writing a weekly post about it… and doing it FOR FREE. That last part would probably have him shaking his head the most. 😉

But if you ever do read this, Joe Queenan, thank you for the inspiration!

New thoughts?

I looked up to see what Joe Queenan is doing now. On his (woefully short) Wikipedia page, he’s quoted as “a self-described ‘full-time son of a bitch’,” which makes me laugh. According to his profile on The Guardian, he’s a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal, the LA Times and The Guardian, and he’s written quite a few books, including a memoir! And even just judging from the titles of articles he’s written for The Guardian — including “From Titanic to The Revenant: why don’t movie stars learn from their characters?” and “Why bad films aren’t getting the disrespect they deserve” — he’s still in fine comedic, snarky form.

And yes, if you’re wondering, I do still have that 1997 Movieline issue. I paused while packing it up to flip through the magazine again. And smile. 😀

I’ll be back next week to revisit another Reel Librarians favorite!


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