It’s reader poll time again! Choose your next adventure, Spring 2016

What should I watch next and analyze? You decide!

If you’re a regular reader — as always, thank you! — then you know that I open up a reader poll every few months, when I ask readers to vote for the next film for me to analyze. You can see past reader polls here.

I’ve pulled together four film titles from various sources, two titles that I’ve recorded on DVR as well as two titles available to view online.

Now is the time to choose your next adventure!

Reader poll poster collage
Collage of movie posters from, left to right: A Girl Named Tamiko, Navy Blues, This Happy Breed, and This Was Paris

A Girl Named Tamiko (1962):

  • The title character of Tamiko, who is from a wealthy Japanese family, works as a librarian for the Foreign Press Club in Tokyo. There are a couple of scenes set in the Foreign Press Club library.
  • Available to view online via The Paramount Vault

Navy Blues (1937):

  • B-movie plot centers on 3 sailor pals, who bet that ladykiller Rusty can’t get a woman of their choosing to go out on a date with him. The woman they choose? A librarian, of course.
  • Available to view online

This Happy Breed (1944):

  • Follows one British family from the end of WWI (1919) through the start of WWII (1939). Aunt Sylvia is a tiresome maiden aunt and hypochondriac who is always complaining. She lives with her brother’s family and has declared herself too ill to work, but about 2/3 through the film, we learn she has been working at the library.
  • Based on Noel’s Coward’s 1939 play of the same title.
  • Recorded on DVR

This Was Paris (1942):

  • A comic spy thriller set in Paris in 1940, before the German invasion. A reporter suspects a man of being a German spy, so he looks at the newspaper archives—and he makes a mess by throwing pictures and files around. He also takes time to insult Watson, the newspaper librarian.
  • Recorded off TV onto blank VHS tape

What should I watch next and analyze? You decide!


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