Best of 2015

My personal favorites from each month

For this year’s “best of” post, I went back to what I did in 2013 and chose my personal favorite from each month to compile a month-by-month “best of” retrospective. So here goes, my personal favorites for 2015:

January 2015: Rating ‘The Librarians’

In this post, I recapped the first season of ‘The Librarians’ TV series, concluding the post by rating the 10 episodes in order of my personal favorites. Rereading this post makes me want to rewatch the first season!

February 2015: ‘Boston Blackie’ and the shushing librarian

In this film analysis post, I count down the ways how Miss Burton, the reel librarian in Boston Blackie and the Law (1946), checks off all the boxes for what a stereotypical spinster librarian looks like. It’s almost like a Halloween costume checklist!

Boston Blackie and the shushing librarian
Silence please!

March 2015: ‘Finding’ a reel librarian

Another film analysis post, this time about the reel librarians in Finding Forrester (2000), a film directed by Gus Van Sant — who also made a cameo as the library assistant in the main library scene. This might just be the only time a film director has also played a reel librarian!

Screenshot from Finding Forrester
Reel librarian surprise cameo!

April 2015: Guest post: Century Film Project

My favorite post for April was a guest post from Michael, a fellow librarian and film blogger, at the Century Film Project blog.

Century Film Project header
Century Film Project header

May 2015: When a librarian reads ‘Alcatraz versus the Evil Librarians’…

So what happens when a real librarian reads the book Alcatraz versus the Evil Librarians?

Book cover of The Complete Alcatraz
Book cover of The Complete Alcatraz

June 2015: Reel Substance: A look at Classes I and II

In June, I kicked off a series of posts to spotlight the “Reel Substance” portion of my Reel Librarians site, starting with this closer look at major reel librarian characters in Classes I and II.

Reel Substance section on Reel Librarians site
Reel Substance section on Reel Librarians site

July 2015:  The ‘Bigfoot’ librarian

I enjoyed everything about rewatching the cult classic ’80s film Harry and the Hendersons (1987) and putting this analysis post together.

Comparing the reel librarian and Bigfoot from Harry and the Hendersons (1987)
Comparing the reel librarian and Bigfoot from Harry and the Hendersons (1987)

August 2015:  ‘You, Me, Dupree,’ and the Naughty Libraian

I did NOT enjoy watching this film, but writing up this analysis post of You, Me, and Dupree (2006) was lots of fun. Why? Four words:  Mandy the Mormon librarian.

Screenshot from You, Me and Dupree (2006)
A reel librarian’s license plate

September 2015: Heard but not seen

In this post, the starting inspiration was the “Seen but not heard” phrase — and thinking about the opposite of that saying in relation to reel librarians — those librarians heard (or heard about) but not seen onscreen.

Seen but not heard illustration
Seen but not heard illustration

October 2015: ‘Amityville’ horrors

Each October, I analyze scary movies that feature reel librarians — and believe me, there are a lot of them! For this analysis post, I compared-and-contrasted the first two movies in the Amityville series. Both movies feature reel librarians!

Library research in The Amityville Horror (1979)
Library research in The Amityville Horror (1979)

November 2015: Quest for the ‘Liberated Librarian’

After the premiere of the second season of ‘The Librarians‘ TV series, I went back to the original TV movie, 2004’s The Librarian: Quest for the Spear. For this analysis post, I focused on three early scenes that set up Flynn’s Liberated Librarian character type and plot arc — and which also contain some of the most memorable dialogue about lifelong learning and libraries!

The perpetual student
The perpetual student

December 2015: Reel librarian ‘Conquests’

This was a super-sized post, in which I analyzed the three film-length episodes of The Norman Conquests, a 1977 British TV mini-series, with a reel librarian as the title character. Norman provides a memorable self-description:  “Gigolo and assistant librarian.” ‘Nuff said.

Norman sulking with his suitcase in The Norman Conquests (1977)
A sulking reel librarian

Any personal favorites of yours this past year? Please let me know and leave a comment.

Happy New Year! 🙂


Author: Jennifer

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  1. Wow, I made the list! I’m still on the lookout for a 100-year-old film with a librarian. I came close, recently, with a 1916 film in which a section of an African American men’s club was labeled “De Libary,” but no “Libarian” was in evidence. Happy New Year to you and the blog!

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