Reel librarians take a trip

Road-trippin’ reel librarians… happy travels!

Summer is the time for travel! Almost three years ago, I put together a themed list of travelin’ librarians, and I’ve added to that original post to include a few more road-trippin’ reel librarians… happy travels! 🙂

Bon Voyage! (1962):

A Disney comedy about a typical, all-American family (Fred MacMurray and Jane Wyman as the parents) on a “dream” vacation to Europe. A couple of memorable scenes take place in the ship’s library, including one in which the father becomes a bit annoyed with the ship’s librarian over-solicitous manner — and clueless social skills.

You can also read my extended write-up of the film by clicking here.

Forbidden (1932):

Lulu Smith (Barbara Stanwyck), a lonely young librarian, longs for adventure. Taunted by children calling her “old lady four eyes,” Lulu quits her library job and sets sail for Havana. Romantic melodrama ensues, including an illegitimate child, a lifelong adulterous affair, murder, and a deathbed pardon. She wanted adventure… be careful what you wish for?

Forbidden also made my list of reel librarian firsts!

Rome Adventure (1962):

School librarian Prudence Bell (Suzanne Pleshette) quits her job at a stuffy women’s’ college after being reprimanding for recommending a “too adult” book to a student. Prudence goes to Italy in search of adventure and love. Does she find it? With Troy Donahue and Rossano Brazzi in the cast, you bet!

You can view the film’s original theatrical trailer and read my extended write-up of the film by clicking here.

Joe Vs. the Volcano (1990):

Title character Joe (Tom Hanks) is stuck in a thankless job as an advertising librarian for a medical supply company. After learning he has only weeks to live, he embarks on an adventure to sacrifice himself in an island volcano. As you do. Meg Ryan — in 3 different roles — also comes along for the trip.

Mad Love (1995):

High-schoolers Matt (Chris O’Donnell) and Casey (Drew Barrymore) fall in love and set out on a road trip. In an earlier scene, the school librarian rats out Casey’s bad-girl behavior. The librarian isn’t the one in the film that goes on the road trip, but at least someone gets out from under the nose of this nosy reel librarian!

Miranda (2002):

Hapless librarian Frank (John Simm) falls in love with the mysterious Miranda (Christina Ricci) and sets off after her when she disappears from his life one day. The film’s opening scene is set in the library, which is set for demolition.

The Mummy trilogy (1999, 2001, 2008):

Egyptologist and librarian Evelyn Carnahan (played by Rachel Weisz in the first two films, and by Maria Bello in the third film) is always up for adventure and saving the world. In the first — and best — adventure tale, Egyptian priest Imhotep is accidentally brought back to life, and wreaks some pretty major havoc in the desert. Evie, her scheming yet lovable brother, and an American soldier (Brendan Fraser) join forces to stop him — and get to race some camels along the way. Of course the librarian wins! 😉

Scent of a Woman (1992):

This coming-of-age story focuses on a young prep school boy (Chris O’Donnell), a student library assistant at a New England private school. To pay for a flight home for Christmas, he agrees to be temporary caretaker for an alcoholic blind man (Al Pacino), who takes him on an adventure-filled Thanksgiving weekend in New York City.

The Time Machine (2002):

In this remake, a disillusioned inventor (Guy Pearce) builds a time machine and travels 800,000 years into the future. He encounters Vox (Orlando Jones), a holographic librarian who supplies him with information about time travel and the history and evolution of the planet and its population.

Even though this film is all about time travel, Vox never actually goes anywhere; instead, he is the sole, stationary witness to the continuous collapse and rebuilding of civilizations throughout centuries.

The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009):

Henry, a librarian (Eric Bana), time travels in and out of a love story with Clare (Rachel McAdams). There are a couple of early scenes set in a library, and Henry is referred to as a “special collections librarian.” The ultimate travelin’ librarian!

You can also read my extended write-up of the film by clicking here.

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