Reel librarians are everywhere

I recently received an email from a regular reader (alliteration alert!), who was passing on a few more film titles he had come across that mention or feature reel librarians. He concluded his email with this statement:

Now that I’ve started, I can’t help noticing any minor use of librarians on film!

So true!

This happens to me ALL.THE.TIME. Sometimes, I get excited and yell out excitedly, “Buns and books! Buns and books!” (See also this post, where I explain that reference at the end of the post.) Other times when I am trying to relax, I get annoyed that I then have to take notes. I wrote about that in my Enough Said analysis post:

However delighted I was that James Gandolfini played a librarian in his last major role, I do admit to shouting at the screen, “NO!!!!! Now I have to take notes! This was NOT the relaxing evening we had planned for!” (I do enjoy being overly dramatic sometimes. But it’s all for you, dear readers. All for you.)

Family members can probably relate to this statement, as well, as they send on film titles to me frequently. (I obviously have them trained… 😉 ) I don’t watch that many children’s films, so I especially appreciate it when my sister-in-law, who has four children, sends me children’s films that include reel librarians. This was the case with my Monsters University post.

I regularly add to my Master List of reel librarian movies, so readers, please keep sending me film titles!

A real librarian’s work is never done when researching reel librarians… and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 😀


2 comments on “Reel librarians are everywhere

  1. popegrutch says:

    This got me thinking about the ways in which turning a passion into a project (be it a blog, a thesis, or whatever) can make something fun into a chore. I try to remember that I’m doing my project for myself first, and allow myself to enjoy the movies before I worry about how I’ll write about them. Of course, when you have to suffer through a “bad” movie (or just one you don’t like), because it fits your project’s theme, that’s not much consolation.

    • Hah, true! And researching something that is one’s passion just feels part-and-parcel of a librarian’s brand of lifelong learning. I might grumble sometimes — particularly after watching a bad movie! — but I always learn something new and end up enjoying myself in the end! 🙂

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