‘The Librarians’ TV premiere

“I love this job.”

Last spring, I shared about the exciting news that TNT had greenlit a spin-off TV series inspired by the much-loved “The Librarian” TV movies starring Noah Wyle — and that the series would begin filming soon in Portland, Oregon (where I just happen to live). They did indeed film in the area throughout the summer, mostly around the Salem area south of Portland.

And even MORE EXCITING is that ‘The Librarians’ TV series will premiere this Sunday, Dec. 7, kicking off with a two-hour premiere episode! There are 10 episodes total listed on “The Librarians” TNT website.

They’ve also released a trailer, which yes, did get me fist-bumping into the air. How could you NOT with lines like these:

Chosen for their knowledge, chosen for their skill, these are no ordinary people. This is no ordinary library.

I’m offering you a life of mystery and adventure. More than that, I’m offering you an opportunity to make a difference. Save the world every week.

I love this job.

It looks like Noah Wyle, as librarian Flynn Carsen, is transitioning into a mentorship role, which I quite like. It fits the structure of a TV show, of course, but it also helps promote awareness of and need for mentorship in real-life librarianship.

So y’all know where I’ll be Sunday night. I’ll be back with my first impressions! 🙂

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