Reader poll: Choose your next adventure

For all the readers of this website and blog — thank you! — I have a question to ask:  Which film would you like me to analyze next? The overall goal or mission of this website is to explore portrayals of librarians in film and what these reel librarians represent. I do that on a weekly basis through various kinds of posts, including film analysis and reviews; first impressions of films I see in the theater; film round-ups focusing on different themes relating to reel librarians; quotable librarian posts; in-depth explorations of relevant topics/themes/character types; and more.

I have a large stack of reel librarian films to review and analyze — this is a lifelong research quest, y’all, as you can see from my Master List — and I have selected 5 films for you to vote on. Choose your next adventure!

Reel Librarians  |  Reader poll:  Choose your next adventure

The following titles are from my personal collection, and I’ve tried to select a wide range of genres for you to choose from. All of the choices have major reel librarian characters and/or minor characters who have a significant role or scene(s) in the film.

  • An Extremely Goofy Movie (2000) — animated film
  • Kit Kittredge: An American Girl (2008) — family drama
  • The Music Man (TV, 2003) — note that this is the TV remake version
  • Soylent Green (1973) — science fiction cult classic
  • The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009) — romantic drama

What should I watch next? You decide!

The poll will stay open through this week, and I will reveal the winner next week. And if you like this idea of you choosing what film I watch next, please leave a comment and let me know! (And if you’d like an insider’s look at what goes into a film analysis post, click here.)

Reel Librarians  |  Reader poll:  Choose your next adventure


11 comments on “Reader poll: Choose your next adventure

  1. bollydophie2013 says:

    On a slightly different note – the film Beautiful Creatures has a librarian in it (a supernatural/witches library but a human librarian all the same). I noticed this wasn’t on your masters list so thought id suggest. Love your posts.

  2. bollydophie2013 says:

    Ps I’ve voted too 🙂

  3. […] My wife is ready to analyze a new librarian portrayal in film on her Reel Librarians website – and YOU get to choose which film! Visit the post, take the poll, tune in for some amazing critical analysis: Reader poll: Choose your next adventure. […]

  4. Phyllis Brown says:

    My choice would be Soylent Green.

    Thanks! Mom

  5. Jaretta R says:

    I voted! Also, I second the recommendation for “Beautiful Creatures”!

  6. […] Almost 6 months ago, I asked readers to vote for the next film for me to analyze. I liked the idea so much, I thought I’d do it again! […]

  7. […] started reader polls back in May 2014 for you to choose your next adventure, and I’ve continued doing reader polls every 6 months […]

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