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Reel Librarians  |  What y'all are readingAs we are fully ensconced in spring and start looking toward summer, I was thinking lately about what y’all have been reading on the blog this past quarter. And it turns out that the same five posts have been the most popular this past year (counting since last May) as well as this past quarter.

Thank goodness I have this handy dandy list of what y’all are reading on the right side of this blog. It’s called “What Y’all are Reading.” So clever. 😉

But I also looked into the statistical archives to see how these top posts have fared over time.

So let’s break it down:

Naughty Librarians (ladies, take it away)

This post, first published in March 2012, is a perennial favorite. (Not for nothing that phrases like “naughty librarians” continue to be some of the most popular keywords that lead to this blog.)

  • Views this quarter:  306
  • Views this year:  1,003
  • Views all time:  3,146

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 4.05.31 PM

The Jedi librarian

One my personal faves, first published in March 2013. And I need to do a follow-up on Jedi librarian Jocasta Nu, as she seems to have quite an interesting backstory!

  • Views this quarter:  189
  • Views this year:  478
  • Views all time:  555

Marian or Marion?

I recently got a bump in stats for this May 2012 post about the origin of the “Marian the Librarian” character in The Music Man, thanks to my post last week about Shirley Jones’s memoir.

  • Views this quarter:  136
  • Views this year:  463
  • Views all time:  559

Google search for 'Marian the Librarian'

Monster librarian?

I published this post, a preview of a monster librarian sighting in the Monsters University trailers, last June. So it makes sense that its total view for this past year and all time are the same.

  • Views this quarter:  121
  • Views this year:  520
  • Views all time:  520

Reel Librarians

First impressions:  Monsters University

The same goes for my review of Monsters University after I finally caught it in theaters. Favorite quote from the movie:  “What are you afraid of? You just angered a 40-foot librarian!”

  • Views this quarter:  112
  • Views this year:  362
  • Views all time:  362

And what has been the most popular post actually published tin 2014? That would be my post about the Vancouver Public Library and how we stumbled upon film crews filming scenes outside the library for a TV pilot called “Proof,” starring Jennifer Beals.

Are any of these posts your personal faves on this blog? Please leave a comment and let me know!


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