Reel librarians, international style

Researching the image of librarians and libraries in pop culture is a global theme

After last week’s fun double feature with French librarian Mister Pamp @ Notorious Bib and another shout-out on an INALJ post (“Are Librarians Taking over the World?“), I started thinking about reel librarians, international style.

Diving into my stats, I counted site visitors from over 150 countries and territories! Here’s a summarized map of the views by country:

Screenshot of international visitors
Screenshot of international visitors

My most frequent international visitors hail from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, the Philippines, and India.

Screenshot of international visitors
Screenshot of international visitors

I also realized I’ve had quite a few referrals from similar sites to mine all over the world, including from:

  • FRANCE:  The aforementioned Notorious Bib, with posts written by the French librarian Mister Pamp. While I focus almost exclusively on reel librarians, Mister Pamp includes analysis on films that feature libraries (mostly public), as well as librarians.
  • IRELAND AND THE UNITED KINGDOM:  Colin, a Dubliner, as well as a Cambridge librarian, runs the Libraries at the Movies blog. Also going beyond the scope of reel librarians, his posts often reveal intriguing connections to different kinds of libraries and/or archives. His posts on science fiction-themed films are some of my favorites. Colin and I have been blogger friends (rivals? colleagues? exchangers of witty repartee? all of the above?) for well over a year now.
  • JAPAN:  I’m included in this list of library film-related sites on the Libcinema Database site. I’m actually the first site listed in this bibliography of related sites!
  • NETHERLANDS:  Early last year, I was also included in this post on the Dutch blog called Tenaanval, a blog about libraries, librarians, and reading.

It’s so great to have so many international visitors — and that researching the image of librarians and libraries in pop culture is a global theme. Reel librarians unite! 😀

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