Feeling like Sally Field

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This week has started off on a terrific note! Yesterday morning, I noticed quite a bit more traffic than usual to this site:

Stats screenshot
Reel Librarians stats screenshot

The spike in stats was due to referrer hits from the always excellent ‘I Need a Library Job’ website (which has also featured me here and here). And lo and behold, I discovered a shout-out on Kiersten Bryant’s post highlighting “5 Fun and Interesting Blogs to Follow.” Yay!!!! 😀

INALJ screenshot
INALJ screenshot – click image to view full post

Here’s Kiersten’s summation of this site:

Reel Librarian is an intelligently written, comprehensive look at film portrayals of librarians.

Fun, interesting, AND intelligently written? Hand-clapping trifecta! 😀 That’s right, I’m feeling a little like Sally Field right now.

You like me!” video uploaded by Xavier Borderie is licensed under a Standard YouTube license

I love blogging, as the format really seems to suit my style and method of writing (and attention span). And I do work at striking a tone — for each post as well as the blog/site hybrid itself — that is fun and a bit playful, yet also backed up by research.

So all in all, both my English and Library Science degrees are happy today!

And by the way, you should really check out her other picks for fun and interesting blogs. I am a personal fan of all of them, as well.

Thanks again, Kiersten! 😀

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