Down the rabbit hole

I’m a librarian (what, you didn’t know?! 😉 ), so I’m interested in how people search for information. This includes the keywords and phrases, otherwise known as “search strings” that people choose to search with. So I took a recent look at my WordPress stats — a trip down a rabbit hole if ever there was one! — and wanted to share some of the various paths people take to this Reel Librarians blog.

Out of nearly 20,000 searches (!) that WordPress has recorded since my blog began in September 2011, here are the top 12 searches that led one here:

Reel Librarians | Most popular search terms

This list reveals that yes, people are still obsessed with naughty librarians — big surprise — as well as librarian names and the reel librarian from An Extremely Goofy Movie. (Note to self:  I seriously need to do a film analysis post of that film. I promise, I will get on that before the 2nd anniversary of this blog.)

Also a huge theme that jumped out at me as I scrolled through the list of search terms is how many ways people misspell the word “librarian,” especially when in the “naughty librarian” combination. They get the word “naughty” right, but not the “librarian” part. SIGH.

Here are the most popular misspelled variations of this particular search phrase:

  • naughty librian
  • naughty libraian
  • naughty libarian
  • naughty librian
  • naughty librain
  • naught librianian (say whaaaaaat?!)

Here are a few more head-scratchers:

And finally, below are a few search phrases that I found particularly interesting. I would like to meet the researchers who searched for:

  • reel librarians the stereotype and technology
  • when does a stock character become a negative stereotype
  • jennifer snoek-brown
    (Awwww, 16 searches so far for my name. Thanks, y’all! 😀 )

Happy searching!


5 comments on “Down the rabbit hole

  1. I saw “rude lieberian” once in my stats. Too funny!

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