Reel librarian trivia challenge

8 questions (and answers included!)

Here is a trivia challenge I included as part of poster sessions I have presented about my reel librarian research. (Scroll down to Part II to check your answers.) Enjoy!

Part I:  The questions

Question 1:

What was Mary Hatch’s fate in It’s a Wonderful Life, after George Bailey was granted the wish that he had never been born?

a. She married Sam Wainwright
b. She became a dancehall girl
c. She drowned in the lake
d. She became a spinster librarian, complete with glasses and a bun

Question 2:

What is the message on the license plate of the librarian (played by Rene Russo) in the 1989 baseball movie Major League?


Question 3:

What film features a library dance number to the song “Marian the Librarian”?

a. The Music Man
b. Good News
c. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
d. Oklahoma!

Question 4:

Which of the following films does NOT feature a librarian?

a. Party Girl
b. The Gun in Betty Lou’s Handbag
c. The Mummy
d. The Bourne Identity

Question 5:

What actor played the advertising librarian-turned-adventurer in the film Joe Versus the Volcano?

a. Noah Wyle
b. Jason Robards
c. Tom Hanks
d. Tom Wilkinson

Question 6:

What actress, well known for playing one of Bob Newhart’s TV wives, also played a librarian in the 1962 film Rome Adventure?

a. Mary Frann
b. Suzanne Pleshette
c. Vera Miles
d. Donna Reed

Question 7:

What “Laugh In” regular played a librarian in the 1978 film Foul Play?

a. Jo Anne Worley
b. Judy Carne
c. Goldie Hawn
d. Julie Christie

Question 8:

What 1957 movie stars Katharine Hepburn as a librarian?

a. Adam’s Rib
b. Desk Set
c. The Music Man
d. The Man Who Never Was

Filmstrip clip art

Part II:  The answers

Question 1 answer:

Correct Answer: d

Extra Tidbits: Sam Wainwright, mentioned in (a), was interested in Mary; Violet (played by Gloria Grahame) did become a dancehall girl (b) in the film’s nightmarish second half; and George wasn’t there to save his brother, Harry, who did drown in the lake (c) in the second half.

Question 2 answer:

Correct Answer: b

Extra Tidbits: There is a close-up of her license plate in the film. I made up all the other choices!

Question 3 answer:

Correct Answer: a

Extra Tidbits: Good News (b) does feature a library dance number to the song “The French Lesson.” The other choices are musicals, but they do not feature librarians.

Question 4 answer:

Correct Answer: d

Extra Tidbits: The first three choices all feature librarians as major characters.

Question 5 answer:

Correct Answer: c

Extra Tidbits: Noah Wyle (a) played the librarian in The Librarian TV movies; and Jason Robards (b) played a small-town librarian in the film Something Wicked This Way Comes.

Question 6 answer:

Correct Answer: b

Extra Tidbits: As far as I know, Mary Frann (a) has never played a librarian, although she did play Bob Newhart’s wife in the 1980’s series “Newhart.” Vera Miles (c) played a librarian in The FBI Story and Donna Reed (d) played the immortal spinster librarian in the nightmarish second half of It’s a Wonderful Life.

Question 7 answer:

Correct Answer: c

Extra Tidbits: Jo Anne Worley (a) and Judy Carne (c) were both regulars on “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh In,” but as far as I know, have never played reel librarians.

Question 8 answer:

Correct Answer: b

Extra Tidbits: Katharine Hepburn starred in Adam’s Rib (b); The Music Man (c) features the well-known “Marian the Librarian” (played by Shirley Jones); and The Man Who Never Was also features a librarian (played by Gloria Grahame).


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