Reel Librarians on Pinterest

An exciting update today — Reel Librarians has joined Pinterest!

Reel Librarians  | Pinteret screenshot

Why have I joined Pinterest? I kept noticing some traffic come my way from related boards — and back at the start of the year, I even highlighted Saint Mary’s College Library’s Pinterest board that showcases reel libraries and librarians. And some of the screenshots and images from this site have been pinned, so I thought it was high time to generate some bonus content myself, and perhaps generate more traffic to this site, as well. Plus, I like the idea of “curating” collections, or mini-collections, in a more visual way via Pinterest.

So far, I’ve created 12 boards of content pinned from this site, including boards for each category (Classes I through V) of the different films I’ve posted about. If you’re not familiar with how I classify the films, click here. (Basically, I classify films according to how important the reel librarian is to the film.)

Reel Librarians on Pinterest

And I’ve got a list of ideas for future boards to create (or rather, curate?) along with this site, including:

Reel Librarians on Pinterest

What would you like to see? Any other Pinterest-related ideas? Please leave a comment and let me know!


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