Naughty librarians vs. prison librarians: Who wins?

I think the answer to that question is:  We all do! This is a round-up of the most popular — and least popular — posts here on Reel Librarians. Out of 1.75 years and 189 posts so far (umm, wow), I recently took another look at my stats to see who’s ranking at the top… and the bottom. Who wins in this cage match-up?

Most Popular

First up, the all-stars:

Reel Librarians:  Naughty Librarians (ladies, take it away)

This comes at no surprise, especially as variations on that phrase, naughty librarians, have raked in over 3,000 keyword hits and related views. This post, originally published a little over a year ago in March 2012, has itself garnered over 2,000 hits!

But be warned — if their romantic or sexual desires go unfulfilled, these Naughty Librarians often to turn to violent, or otherwise criminal or manipulative, means to get what they want. But that’s probably all part of the fantasy, right?

Reel Librarians:  What's in a name screenshot

This post, published back in December 2011 and the second most popular post with over 500 hits, highlights my favorite reel librarian monikers. Is your favorite on the list? Bunny Watson for the win! 😉

Reel Librarians:  Naughty librarians (boys' night out) screenshot

And not to be left out, the male Naughty Librarians had their say! Although not as popular as the ladies (see above), the boys are still quite popular, with almost 400 hits so far. Have you checked out the “men of the stacks” yet?

Reel Librarians:  Beautiful libraries guest post screenshot

Last summer, my first-ever guest posts debuted on the blog. And this guest post by Beth from the Beautiful Libraries site, is still garnering its fair share of admirers, with over 340 hits. Drooling over lovely pictures of beautiful libraries is always time well spent.

Reel Librarians:  Best librarian films by decade, part I, screenshot

And coming in with just over 300 hits, my first post outlining the best librarian films of the first half of the 20th century, published at the end of 2011, rounds out the top 5 most popular posts. Interesting that its counterpart, the best librarian films from the 1960s – 2000s, is not as popular, landing just outside the top 10.

Least Popular

There are still a fair number of posts with single-digit number of views. 😦 Here are the last — but not least! — of my posts, according to number of hits.

Reel Librarians:  Soul and inspiration screenshot

Published way back in November 2011, I revealed the inspiration behind the whole shebang… which, apparently, only 6 people besides myself still know about. If you’ve become a regular reader recently, I guarantee you’ll find my long-term inspiration a little surprising.

Reel Librarians:  Mistaken identity screenshot

Ingrid Bergman gets mistaken for a Spinster Librarian, and all she got was 6 views for her troubles?! Oh, and a Best Actress award from the New York Film Critics Circle. So, you know, keep it in perspective. 😉

Reel Librarians:  Missed opportunities screenshot

Coming in with 5 views (so far), and third least popular post, is the (aptly) titled Missed Opportunities post, published in June 2012. I bet Angelina Jolie isn’t used to being so unnoticed.

Reel Librarians:  In this reel librarian's life screenshot

This short post from last August highlights a reel librarian from the 2009 Filipino flick In My Life. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways… all the way to 5 hits.

Reel Librarians:  Within the law screenshot

And the least popular post, mustering less than 5 hits so far, features the first-ever female prison librarian. This post’s still quite recent, published only this past March, so I’m hoping it will rise in the rankings. Will you show this (uncredited) prison librarian some hard-knocks love?


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