Reel librarians in love

Happy Valentine’s Day! Below is a round-up of films featuring reel librarians in love. ♥

Adventure (1945)

A public librarian (Greer Garson) falls for a roustabout sailor (Clark Gable) in this rocky romantic drama. The two “meet cute” in the San Francisco Public Library.

Chances Are (1989)

In this romantic comedy, college library assistant Alex (Robert Downey, Jr.) falls for his girlfriend’s mother (Cybill Shepherd). Oh, and there’s the bit about the mother’s husband having been reincarnated into Alex.

Desk Set (1957)

In this sparkling workplace comedy, Bunny Watson (Katharine Hepburn) expertly handles a TV network’s research library, as well as the attentions of an efficiency expert (Spencer Tracy).

Good News (1947)

A college student and library assistant (perpetual cutie June Allyson) falls for the college’s football hero (Peter Lawford) in this musical comedy.

Goodbye, Columbus (1969)

A poor Bronx librarian (Richard Benjamin) enjoys a summer romance with a privileged “Jewish-American princess” (Ali MacGraw).

Love Story (1970)

More Ali MacGraw! This time, she’s the librarian, or rather, a college library assistant. The first scene, set in the Radcliffe College library, sets up the five-hanky romance between Jenny (MacGraw) and Oliver (Ryan O’Neal).

The Music Man (1962)

“Marian the Librarian” (Shirley Jones), a small-town librarian, falls for con man Harold Hill (Robert Preston) in this classic musical.

No Man of Her Own (1932)

Small town librarian (Carole Lombard) falls for a con man and gambler (Clark Gable). Sound familiar? 😉

Rome Adventure (1962)

In this romantic drama, Prudence Bell (Pleshette) quits her job as a librarian at a private college and sets off to Italy in search of adventure and love.


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