Fun with crosswords

A few years almost seven years ago (!), one of the materials I picked up while at a Wisconsin Library Association conference was a “Libraries in the Movies” crossword. The puzzle was an example of a library promotional activity to help celebrate National Library Week. Recently, I was sifting through my box of materials relating to reel librarians, and came across the crossword again. My personal copy of the puzzle is all filled in (of course), but I’ve kept it all these years. It still makes me smile. 🙂


On a whim, I contacted the author of the crossword, Bonnie Shucha at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School (gotta love the citation info on the handout — librarians are so practical), to see if she still had a copy of the crossword. I’m sure my email came out of the blue! Indeed, she still had the crossword file, and moreover, was happy to share them with the world my readers. Thanks, Bonnie!

I’ve attached both the puzzle and the answer key below, to spread the reel librarian cheer.

Libraries in the Movies Crossword Puzzle

Libraries in the Movies Crossword Puzzle – Answer Key

Have fun!


One comment on “Fun with crosswords

  1. […] after I put my own crossword together, I realized that I had written back in 2012 about a “Libraries in the Movies” crossword puzzle I had picked up years before at a Wisconsin Library Association conference. So once you’ve […]

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