Little Miss Naughty

Ooh, I am going to get so many misdirected hits off of this post. 😉

When visiting our families down in Texas last month, my in-laws held a fun birthday party for all of us August and early September babies (there are a lot of us, plus a few anniversaries sprinkled in around that time, as well). One of my gifts from my sister-in-law’s family was this adorable “Little Miss Naughty” bag. So perfect!

Here’s a close-up of the bag: 

So, I guess it’s official — with this bag, I am the Naughty Librarian.

Little Miss Naughty

And here’s a shot of my original “Little Miss Naughty” book from when I was a kid. I loooooved these square-shaped books, and I still have a lot of these Mr. Men and Little Miss books by Roger Hargreaves. Please click here for more on this fun series. (Mr. Tickle was the first! And that’s Mr. Tickle, below, about to tickle Little Miss Naughty! Umm, yeah, sooooo many misdirected blog hits. ;))


4 comments on “Little Miss Naughty

  1. I completely forgot we still have these! Do we have Mr. Happy, too?

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