Librarian is a librarian is a librarian

Generic character names of reel librarians

I have been thinking about names and titles lately, like when I took a look last week at librarians as title characters. And no surprise, almost all of those title characters are in the Class I and Class II categories, in which librarians are the protagonists or other major characters. But what about the librarians in the Class III and Class IV categories, films in which librarians play minor characters or blink-and-you’ll-miss-the-back-of-the-librarian’s-head kind of cameos?

A few of those roles do have character names (yay!) but the majority do not. At this point in my research, out of the 140 or so films listed in the Class III and Class IV categories:

  • 61 roles (46 female, 15 male) are credited simply as “Librarian
  • Almost 30 more (19 female, 10 male) are uncredited, earning no name at all 😦
  • A handful include “clerk” in the character names, such as:
  • A few include gender-specific clues:
  • A couple of films include the word “book” as a character descriptor:

And there are the less-so-flattering character titles, including (but most definitely not limited to):

A librarian by any other name…


Author: Jennifer

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7 thoughts on “Librarian is a librarian is a librarian”

    1. When it comes to actual names, at the library where I worked there was one year where it seemed that every other male librarian was named Paul and every other female librarian was named either Katherine or Karen (with some spelling variations for both).

  1. I just wish someone had checked Jennifer LaGarde’s work first. “Duchess” of Digital is misspelled.

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