The Lego Librarian

While looking for a different librarian-related clip, I stumbled across this beautiful, thought-provoking short film entitled “The Librarian,” created by Alexander H.


First of all, Legos! ♥ I loooooved the detail of the pink neck scarf on the Lego Librarian. She’s stylin’.

Also, it reminded me of this video about what happens in a bookstore at night. I also smiled at how it connected back to a recent post on this blog about librarians’ struggle between perfect order and perfect chaos.

The caption on YouTube stated it was awarded the jury’s 1st place at Steinerei 2011 (the theme that year was “Chaos”). Which of course, meant I had to look up what Steinerei was. And after using Google Translate, the Steinerei site told me that since since 2005, it’s an annual film festival in Germany that showcases brickfilms, which are short films created in stop-motion using plastic toys like Legos.

Such a small, beautiful world.


One comment on “The Lego Librarian

  1. […] And now, shhhhh, I’ve got some reading to do. In the meantime, check out this previous post about a Lego library-themed short film. […]

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