A life well advertised

Commercial featuring a “fastidious librarian”

Until this week, I had never before seen this Raymond James commercial (apparently, it first aired in Fall 2010) about the “fastidious librarian Emily Skinner,” who lives life to the fullest, even at 187 years young. After viewing it, I turned to Sam and said, “That’s the Liberated Librarian arc in a commercial!” Raymond James is, of course, posturing itself as her savior — but one could make the argument that it’s Emily herself, right?

Raymond James Commercial – “The Woman Who Lived Longer Than Any Person Who Has Ever Lived” video uploaded by Martin Williams is licensed under a Standard YouTube license

I quite enjoyed the ad, and overall, it’s a pretty flattering portrayal of a librarian. Emily, “The Woman Who Lived Longer Than Any Person Who Has Ever Lived,” is obviously intellectually curious (loooove the detail of her dress matching her wallpaper in the shot of hanging up that first diploma) and fun-loving. She pays attention to details but also looks at the big picture with long-term goals. A life well planned, and a life well lived. Go librarians! 🙂


Author: Jennifer

Librarian, blogger, movie lover

One thought on “A life well advertised”

  1. Speaking of detail: did you notice that the degree she hangs up is, indeed, a master of science degree? Hard to make out the rest, but I think it’s safe to assume it’s an master of library science! Well done, Raymond James! 🙂

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