It all started with a big list

Reel librarian titles from my honors thesis

So if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that it all started with my undergraduate thesis, “A Glimpse Through the Glasses: Portrayals of Librarians in Film.” Click here for more info on that, finding movies, as well as more about the inspiration behind my personal interest in reel librarians.

I’ve mentioned before about starting out with 47 titles for that undergrad thesis, so maybe I should share those titles with you sometime.

How about now? 😉

Honors thesis cover page
Honors thesis title page
Honors thesis movie list
Honors thesis movie list
Movies from my thesis list
Movies from my thesis list

And looking back, that initial list contains a decent cross-section of librarian films, ranging from librarians as major characters (Classes I and II) to bit parts (Classes III and IV) to even a case of mistaken occupation (Class V). Click each title below to find out more info about each movie, its major plot and cast of reel librarian(s).



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