BONUS! Random conversations


Randomness (Photo credit: thesimplegood)

Here’s a snippet of a random conversation I had at a Cinco de Mayo bash/housewarming party last weekend. I shared this story with my husband (who was also at the party), and he suggested I share it on this blog, as well. So blame him — or go over to his blog and say hi. 🙂

So having gotten past the “what do you do?” start of a conversation with this random guy, we were transitioning into the “what do you do for fun?” section. I happened to mention that I love movies, and I have a blog about librarians in film.

His reaction? A micro-expression of confusion, and then, “That’s…”

[I was mentally filling in/hoping for words like interesting or cool or hey, even weird. That’s a compliment in Portland.]

“… selfish.”

My reaction? Most likely a micro-expression of confusion, and then, “So what? Who better to look at portrayals of librarians than an actual librarian?”

“Huh. Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

Damn straight!

We never got to the “what’s your name?” part of the conversation, but whatever. Thanks, random guy, for contributing to this blog. And for reaffirming my love for this blog. Bless.


5 comments on “BONUS! Random conversations

  1. If anyone’s curious, I was at that party, too. “Random guy” looked exactly like his photo in this post. 😉

  2. movievoyeur says:

    I don’t get his reaction. Selfish? Does he understand the definition of the word? That should have been your question to him. How is it in any way, selfish? That guy is very obtuse. He needs to check a dictionary out at the library. HA! You see what I did there?

    I’m curious as to which part is supposed to be selfish. Is it the fact that you are focusing your blog on librarians in film or that you have a blog of any kind to begin with?

    Anyway, if anything, it’s the opposite of selfish as you are providing enjoyment for movie lovers of all genres and niches.

    The guy also sounded like a waffler when he was so quick to judge and then easily persuaded to change his opinion.

    Is it also possible that he didn’t know what a librarian is?

    I only discovered your blog a few months ago and I enjoy it a lot!

    • Jennifer says:

      I love that your reply is about as long as my post! Yeah, I’m not sure exactly where the guy was going with the ‘selfish’ remark, but I think the subject matter was probably odd to him. And maybe he just didn’t know how to express that properly. Or at all. 😉 And yes, you’re totally right, librarians are in films of all genres.

      And thanks for the support — I’m so glad you’re enjoying my blog! And LOL, loved your line “he needs to check a dictionary at the library.” Genius!

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