Library of the future?

In Demolition Man (1993), Sylvester Stallone plays John Spartan, a cop who is brought out of cryogenics in order to pursue an old enemy (Wesley Snipes) running rampant in a future, nonviolent society. Sandra Bullock also co-stars as fellow cop Lenina Huxley.

There’s no librarian in the movie, so, alas, it joins the others in Class V. I didn’t plan on having two Class V movies so close to each other (see my previous post about Moscow on the Hudson), but that’s the order I received these movies from my local public library.

But not all is lost. About an hour into the film, Lenina and John mention a library during a conversation in the car. Let’s listen in:

Lenina: I’ve been an enthusiast of your escapades for quite some time now. I have, in fact, perused some newsreels from the Schwarzenegger Library…

John:  Hold it. The Schwarzenegger Library?!

Lenina:  Yes, the Schwarzenegger Presidential Library. Wasn’t he an actor when you…

John:  Stop! He was president?

Lenina:  Yes. Even though he was not born in this country, his popularity caused the 61st amendment…

John:  I don’t want to know. President.

You can enjoy this brief scene — and the variety of amusing facial expressions from Stallone — in this clip below.


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