Feelin’ good for 100

It’s my 100th post, y’all! 😉

Truth, I wasn’t planning on anything special for the 100th post. But yesterday, the hubby and I spent a day in and around Astoria, Oregon — it was a lovely day, sunshiny outside and also inside my heart — complete with a trip to The Goonies house and the Oregon Film Museum. Driving home, Sam suggested it for a blog post, and everything clicked.

Oregon Film MuseumThe Oregon Film Museum started up in 2005 and is housed in the former Clatsop County Jail (in use from 1914-1976, see right), which was used for the opening breakout scene in The Goonies (1985). The museum started out as your standard let’s-look-at-exhibits kind of space (nothing wrong with that, I love museums!), and there’s still a major section highlighting Goonies-related memorabilia. But the museum is also in the process of incorporating movie sets for visitors to make their own videos! Really cool idea. The interactive movie sets are up already, including a car backed by a green screen, and a dining room set with a camera that swings around for any angle. We also met the very friendly tech guy who’s working on setting up the movie editing side of things.

So, of course, I posed for a few photos. And when I picked up the movie clapboard, Sam yelled out, “Now YOU’RE the reel librarian!” Click, print, that’s a wrap, folks. 🙂

Now I'm the reel librarian. It's so meta.

For more info about the Oregon Film Museum, click here for the museum’s website, which includes a “Goonies Jail Cam” video and list of other movies made in Oregon. And click here for a detailed locations tour for The Goonies.

“Goonies never say die!”


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