BONUS! My first review

A couple of weeks ago whilst perusing my WordPress stats, I noted some traffic coming from the Mesa County Libraries website, so I followed the link…  and discovered my first review of this Reel Librarians blog! Color me super-excited. Like 🙂 x 100.

I immediately shared the news on Facebook (see below)… and then finally realized I should share the news, you know, on my ACTUAL blog. I know, I know. Sometimes, the best ideas take 10 days or more to process. 😉

Here’s a shot of my Facebook status when I first shared the news:

Facebook screenshot

So, the brief review is from the Mesa County Libraries blog under their “Reviews and Recommendations” section, and my site is described as both “too cool” and “awesome” with “an exhaustive list of librarian appearances in movies.” 🙂 The entry goes on to highlight the 1995 flick Party Girl (yay!) plus lists some more personal favorites. A big thanks to Mesa County Libraries and to the reviewer, Cinephile Femme.

By the way, Mesa County is located in western Colorado. You can read more about Mesa County here, and more about the history of the Mesa County libraries here.

And if you, dear reader, would also like to review my site, please do! I would love to know what you think, and I welcome any suggestions to improve the site. If so inspired, please leave a comment.


2 comments on “BONUS! My first review

  1. Cinephile Femme says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, and keep up the great work! Your site is inspired.

  2. Thanks so much! (Blush) + (goofy grin) = me right now.

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