6 months and counting

Woo-hoo! So I began this blog 6 months ago, on Sept. 19, 2011. 🙂 And being the over-sharer that I am, I thought it’d be fun to help celebrate this minor milestone by highlighting some more stats and a few behind-the-scenes bits and oddities. You know, for all those questions your subconscious has never asked.

Most popular searches that result in a hit for my blog:

  • Note to self:  Move the “Do an actual post about college librarian Sylvia Marpole in An Extremely Goofy Movie” from to-do list to “Get it done already OMG” list
  • Another note to self:  Start a “Get it done already OMG” list

Favorite — and therefore TOTALLY overused! — writing quirks (do they bug or amuse you?):

  • Parentheses, dashes, exclamation points, capitalizing random words for emphasis, and smiley emoticons. 😉

Runner-up writing quirk?

  • Using a question to set up an easy follow-up answer and transition. Yeah, like I just did there.

My personal favorite posts (so far):

Most popular pages & posts overall (over 100 views):

Quick stats:

  • 6,384 total views
  • 161 views on my busiest day (Feb. 22, 2012)
  • 96 posts (not including this one) + 20 pages
  • 64 comments total
  • 54 visits daily average

One comment on “6 months and counting

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