Musical numbers for the library-minded

Musical clips from librarian films

I’m sensing a theme… I’ve been musically minded lately (see here and here), so I thought I’d come full circle. So here’s a round-up of fun musical clips from librarian films to perk up your day… or night.

Note: Some of the films are musicals (Good News, Strike Up the Band), some are not (Party Girl, You’re a Big Boy Now). Clips arranged below in chronological order.

Strike Up the Band (1940):

Sample lyrics from the song “Nobody,” performed by Judy Garland as she closes up the public library. The uplifting (!) lyrics include:

I’m just living in a lull / And I’ll confess it’s mighty dull / … But I ain’t got nobody and nobody’s got me

JUDY GARLAND: ‘NOBODY’, 1940. A SONG TO REMEMBER.” video uploaded by Michele Bell is licensed under a Standard YouTube license

Good News (1947):

I had to search a bit to find an online clip of “The French Lesson,” performed by June Allyson and Peter Lawson. This song also takes place while closing up the library, this time a college library. Interestingly, the film’s original theatrical trailer includes just about every song in the movie EXCEPT the one in the library.

The French Lesson” video uploaded by That’s EntertainedMe! is licensed under a Standard YouTube license

The Music Man (1962 and 2003):

Of course! Repeat after me now:

Marian. The. Librarian.

You’re humming this tune right now, right? No, just me? Ok, sure. ♪ ♫ ♪ And, sorry, not able to confirm nor deny any accompanying toe-tapping. 😉

The Music Man – Part 8” video uploaded by CastingAway is licensed under a Standard YouTube license

You’re a Big Boy Now (1967):

A peppy number — “Girl, Beautiful Girl (Barbara’s Theme)” performed by The Lovin’ Spoonful — for the start of this oddball comedy about dysfunctional father-and-son reel librarians. Go-go boots, roller skates, and the public library, oh my!

Fun fact: This film was Frances Ford Coppola’s master’s thesis for UCLA film school

Party Girl (1995):

“If You Believe” (E-Smoove Believer Mix) by Chantay Savage. Gets me going every time! Should be required viewing for all library science majors. 😉

Yes, mama, I know what’s going on! Yes, I do!

Party Girl Library Dance” video uploaded by jehnnamari is licensed under a Standard YouTube license

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