From a librarian’s musical perspective

Songs about being a librarian

Inspired by my previous post about love songs for librarians, here are some songs about being a librarian. A bit off the road map, I know, but if you love librarians in movies, then you’ll probably like librarians in songs, too.

“I Am the Sub-Librarian” by Piano Magic (1999):

I am the sub-librarian, counter girl, tea-maker

I am the sub-librarian, swan feeder, spectacle breaker

Piano magic – I Am the Sub-Librarian” video uploaded by Dariaija is licensed under a Standard YouTube license

“Librarian” by Jonathan Rundman (2004, from album Public Library):

I bring order out of chaos, I shine light into the dark

because power comes from knowledge just like fire from a spark

“Queens of the Circulating Library” by Coil (2000):

I am a queen of the circulating library

I have declared an amnesty

All books may be returned without a penalty

Return the books to me

Coil: Queens Of The Circulating Library (excerpt)” video uploaded by kittenfood777 is licensed under a Standard YouTube license

“When Spring Comes to the Library” by Robert Lopresti (multi-talented librarian/songwriter/author):

When Spring comes to the check-out desk

The travel books all roam

And garden guides go off on digs

With those who stayed at home

“Reference Librarian” by Robert Lopresti (2003):

Now you come walking over like you’re some old pal of mine  

Well, I’ll be glad to help you, but you’ll have to wait in line

Click here for a preview of the song


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