From a librarian’s musical perspective

Inspired by my previous post about love songs for librarians, here are some songs about being a librarian. A bit off the road map, I know, but if you love librarians in movies, then you’ll probably like librarians in songs, too.

“I Am the Sub-Librarian” by Piano Magic (1999)

I am the sub-librarian, counter girl, tea-maker / I am the sub-librarian, swan feeder, spectacle breaker

“Librarian” by Jonathan Rundman (2004, from album Public Library)

I bring order out of chaos, I shine light into the dark / because power comes from knowledge just like fire from a spark

“Queens of the Circulating Library” by Coil (2000)

I am a queen of the circulating library / I have declared an amnesty / All books may be returned without a penalty / Return the books to me

“When Spring Comes to the Library” by Robert Lopresti (multi-talented librarian/songwriter/author)

When Spring comes to the check-out desk / The travel books all roam / And garden guides go off on digs / With those who stayed at home

Click here to read complete lyrics and listen to the song

“Reference Librarian” by Robert Lopresti (2003)

Now you come walking over like you’re some old pal of mine  / Well, I’ll be glad to help you, but you’ll have to wait in line

Click here for a preview of the song


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