A good year

Celebrate You- Celebrate Life!

Happy 2012! Around March, I’ll probably get used to writing out 2012 instead of 2011.

Before moving full steam ahead, let’s take a tiny look back. I started this blog in late September 2011, and the experience continues to be so personally rewarding! Thanks to everyone who has stopped by, subscribed, or just had a chuckle or two while reading my musings on reel librarians.

So let’s roll some numbers on stats I do have, breaking down my blog for 2011:

2085 total views

221 tags

104 days

93 pictures uploaded


60 posts (not including this one)

54 categories

43 comments total


18 visits daily average


4 posts a week:  MWF schedule, with a more informal “weekend special” post on Saturdays

3.5 months

Most popular pages:

I don’t have any stats on how many times I’ve mimicked Amy Adams in Julie & Julia:  “I could blog about that.” 😉

2 comments on “A good year

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