Three cheers for librarians!

Spreading the holiday cheer… with the following, you don’t have to choose between Christmas and reel librarians. Happy Holidays!

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946):  And what Christmas-themed movie list would be complete without It’s a Wonderful Life? And if you’ve been reading this blog even a little bit, you’ll know it contains a fleeting (30 seconds) yet lasting impression of the classic Spinster Librarian. But of course, all is well at the end of this classic movie.

The Desk Set (1957): Not a Christmas movie in and of itself, but this classic librarian film boasts a fantastically funny — and boozy — office Christmas party in the research department library. And some fabulous frocks. BONUS: Bongos!

Christmas on Division Street (TV, 1991): Admittedly, I haven’t been able to watch this Emmy-nominated TV movie yet, but the credits do list a Librarian and Library Guard. One IMDb reviewer commented that “One day, while Trevor is searching for books in a library for his school assignment on American History, he meets a homeless old man, Cleve (Hume Cronyn).” Hmmm… a library guard in the credits in a TV movie about a homeless guy…

Home by Christmas (TV, 2006): Another TV movie I haven’t been able to get my hands on yet, but a Librarian is included in the credits. As par for the course of most Christmas movies, it seems to start out really depressing. As an IMDb review states, “Linda Hamilton’s character being cheated on by her husband and then going through a series of (certainly plausible) extremely hard and devastating times. But, as the movie progresses, there is a lot of laughter, lessons and a really nice and touching story that makes this movie thoroughly enjoyable.


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